Details of insurance Cover


Riding a bike is not an inherently dangerous activity, however like any insurance it’s not until you need to use it that you are grateful for having it. Insurance coverage for bicycle riders is not compulsory, but it is strongly recommended.

Get Insured Through WestCycle

A WestCycle Ride Secure membership includes both personal accident and public liability insurance coverage, whether you be on or off road. E-bike riders are also covered! WestCycle will provide support throughout your claim process, to make is easy and stress-free as possible.

Personal Accident & Sickness insurance 

Public/Personal Liability

Summary of Insurance

Personal accident Limit
Income Replacement $1000 per week
Non-medicare Medical Expenses 85% of costs to a limit of $7,500
Rehabilitation Expenses $10,000
Home Help Expenses $200 per week up to $5,000
Chaffer Plan $200 per week up to $5,000
Home and Motor Vehicle Modifications $10,000
Overseas Riding $50,000
Counselling Support $200 per week up to $2,000
Travel Insurance on WestCycle Events $1,500 for deposits. $400 per item up to $1,000
Parent Inconvenience Expenses $200 per week up to $5,000
Permanently Injured or Disabled Maximum of $50,000
Death Lump Sum Payment $25,000
Funeral $5,000
Out of Pocket Expenses $200 per week up to $5,000
Public liability Limit
Damage to someone elses property $5 million
Injury to someone else $5 million, you'll just have to pay the first $1,000