Bike Insurance Only


Are you covered when riding?

Riding a bike is not an inherently dangerous activity, however like any insurance it’s not until you need to use it that you are grateful for having it. Insurance coverage for bicycle riders is not compulsory, but it is strongly recommended.

Insurance polices vary and can include 24/7 coverage of bike riders of all ages and abilities or only provide cover as part of races, training sessions and events.

There are a range of cycling groups that provide insurance cover as part of their membership, which can also include further benefits like magazines, informative emails and further support and advice. Further to this your membership fee assists in providing advocacy services and we strongly recommend that your membership is through a Western Australian based organisation that supports the State.

Membership Insurance

Most memberships do not include insurance cover for bike theft, loss or damage, however there are a range of additional options for this.

Bike Insurance Only

Temporary Membership