woman and child on an e-bike
E-bike sales and use are rising at a rapid pace in WA - and for good reason!

Many people use e-bikes to be able to travel further and/or faster than riding a regular push bike.

Two thirds of all car trips are under 5km, so e-bikes offer a great alternative way to get around quickly, easily and cheaply while avoiding traffic jams and parking hassles.

E-bikes also present a great option for people who are getting back into fitness or have mobility, health or injury issues.

If you think an e-bike might be for you, below are some great resources to help you on your way.

car vs cargo bike

The Joy of Riding: Understanding Women's use of E-Bikes

A world-first research project into the use of e-bikes by women was conducted in early 2023 by Murdoch University, in collaboration with WestCycle. The findings showed the main reason women ride e-bikes is because they love it and it brings them joy! 

Read the media release here.

A small qualitative survey also conducted to compliment the study found that E-bikes are a great equaliser, closing the gender and age gap and offering a clean, efficient, safe and low-cost options to get around. 

It gives me freedom
Sharing the joy
getting around fun
E-bike ownership
Frequency of riding
Using e-bike
Reason for getting E-bike
60% own multiple bikes
E-bikes close the gender gap

If you’re thinking about buying an electric bike we recommend taking a test ride, including riding uphill, to see how different bikes perform and will work for you.

Our handy E-Bike Buyers Guide will also help you with the terminology and thinking about the questions you may want to ask to help find the right bike for your needs.     

You may have heard about fires caused by lithium-ion batteries from e-bikes. Yes, lithium batteries can catch fire, but it is extremely rare, you’re more likely to be hurt in a car accident!

But battery fires are possible, so our guide and videos provide practical tips on how to reduce the likelihood of fire caused by your e-bike battery.

Other Great Online Resources:

Tim Roach

Elected Director | Off Road

Tim has been in senior leadership and strategic development roles for more than twenty years. He is currently Director of Executive Education in the School of Business and Law at Edith Cowan University and is a past Assistant Commissioner and General Manager in the public service. He is an Accountant (FCPA) and sits on the Divisional Council of CPA Australia.

Tim has been involved in racing mountain bikes, BMX and triathlon for many years, both as a father of two children who race and as a past and current bike racer. Tim is the current over-50 State Champion in downhill mountain biking. He is also a very regular and enthusiastic transport cyclist; frequently seen in a suit and tie riding to meetings in the city on a mountain bike.

Denise Sullivan

Chair | Governance & Risk Committee

Denise Sullivan has a career spanning over twenty years in senior management and executive roles in the state public and not-for-profit health sectors.

In her usual role of Director Chronic Disease Prevention with the Western Australian Department of Health, she leads the development of state chronic disease and injury prevention policy and planning frameworks and contributes to the shaping of the national preventive health policy agenda.

Her professional interests cover many aspects of chronic disease and injury prevention encompassing health communications, health promotion and research, public policy on health and workforce planning and development.

She has a particular interest in furthering collaborations with other sectors with a mutual interest in promoting a more active and healthier WA community, and creating and sustaining environments that support this. Denise is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Leadership WA Signature Program, and an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian College of Health Service Managers.

Denise is a recreational cyclist and recent convert to mountain biking (although trainer wheels still on!).