Our Approach

We work with government, industry and community members to advocate for everyone to be able to enjoy safe and convenient access to bike riding and all the benefits that come with it.

Advocacy for bike riding

More people riding bikes benefits the whole community. Individuals benefit from better physical and mental health, increased opportunities for social connection, and saving money (and often time) when using a bike for transport. These individual benefits in turn create stronger, more resilient communities. When the built environment is developed to support people to use bikes for transport, everyone benefits from cleaner air, safer streets and a more vibrant and inclusive society.

To advocate for more people to be able to enjoy the benefits of riding bikes, WestCycle:

  • Regularly meets with elected members and stakeholders within state and local government, including through membership of several advisory groups, to provide advice on infrastructure and policy impacting bike riding and foster positive working relationships amongst all parties.
  • Provides feedback and submissions to government on proposed infrastructure and policy changes.
  • Attends stakeholder engagement for various projects across WA to represent people using bikes.

  • Collaborates with other non-governmental organisations to magnify the impact of our work to support bike riding.
  • Develops evidence based position statements and other policy documents to articulate a positive vision for bike riding in WA.
  • Engages with our members and the broader community of bike riders through regular newsletters, social media and events.
  • Hosts participation events for recreational riders