Bike Maintenance

Maintaining your bicycle on a constant basis can go a long way in ensuring the longevity of the bike, and regular checks with a bike mechanic will make all the difference to your ride. Regular maintenance checks ensure that your bike is safe for use and helps you avoid potentially costly bike repairs down the line.

Bike Components

A well-maintained bike makes for a safer and more enjoyable ride!

Learning to look after your bike is easy and rewarding. It can also help you avoid repairs and keep the moving parts working for longer – saving you money. We have compiled some resources on this page to help you get on your way. If you’re unsure or require further assistance, we recommend paying your local bike shop a visit and getting your bike checked over by an experienced mechanic.

Day-to-day Maintenance of Your Bike: It’s as Easy as A,B,C!

The ABC Bike Check or Air, Brakes, Chain Check takes only a few seconds and will make sure you get the most out of your ride. We recommend completing an ABC Bike Check before every ride.

Monthly Maintenance: The 'M' Check

The “M” Check is a more thorough check, recommended to be completed on an approximately monthly basis (or as required depending on how frequently you are riding). The “M” Check covers the 5 key areas of your bike: brakes, drivetrain, handlebars, frame and saddle.

Tim Roach

Elected Director – Off Road

Tim has been in senior leadership and strategic development roles for more than twenty years. He is currently Director of Executive Education in the School of Business and Law at Edith Cowan University and is a past Assistant Commissioner and General Manager in the public service. He is an Accountant (FCPA) and sits on the Divisional Council of CPA Australia.

Tim has been involved in racing mountain bikes, BMX and triathlon for many years, both as a father of two children who race and as a past and current bike racer. Tim is the current over-50 State Champion in downhill mountain biking. He is also a very regular and enthusiastic transport cyclist; frequently seen in a suit and tie riding to meetings in the city on a mountain bike.

Denise Sullivan

Chair - Governance and Risk Committee

Denise Sullivan has a career spanning over twenty years in senior management and executive roles in the state public and not-for-profit health sectors.

In her usual role of Director Chronic Disease Prevention with the Western Australian Department of Health, she leads the development of state chronic disease and injury prevention policy and planning frameworks and contributes to the shaping of the national preventive health policy agenda.

Her professional interests cover many aspects of chronic disease and injury prevention encompassing health communications, health promotion and research, public policy on health and workforce planning and development.

She has a particular interest in furthering collaborations with other sectors with a mutual interest in promoting a more active and healthier WA community, and creating and sustaining environments that support this. Denise is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Leadership WA Signature Program, and an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian College of Health Service Managers.

Denise is a recreational cyclist and recent convert to mountain biking (although trainer wheels still on!).