Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions that we receive about WestCycle and cycling in and around Perth and Western Australia.




About Westcycle



  • How do I join WestCycle?

    You can join WestCycle by becoming a member. Here you can explore all of our membership options!

  • Does my WestCycle insurance cover damage to my bike?

    Unfortunately not. Our WestCycle Ride Secure Membership includes personal accident and public liability insurance cover only. You can however receive 10% of off Velosure Bike Insurance if you're a WestCycle Member!

  • Does WestCycle offer insurance cover?

    Yes! You can get both personal accident and public liability insurance cover today through our Ride Secure Membership. Click here to learn more about our insurance cover.

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  • What are the best cycle routes in WA?

    We have compiled a list of WA bike paths, cycling routes, and trail networks sorted by area HERE.

    Additionally, The Department of Transport have a great range of metro and regional online cycling maps available free to download.

    Trails WA also offer a large selection of off-road cycling trail information.

  • Can I submit my event to be listed?

    Of course! Register your event here, and this will be reviewed by our team and submitted on our events calendar.

  • How do I find a cycle club?

    Search for a group or club using our map here!


  • Who can I get in to do a bike safety talk?

    BikeDr runs a range of different courses and events to suit your needs.

  • How do I go about selecting the right bike?

    We strongly recommend you choose your bike from a local bike shop, avoid department stores, and ensure someone talks you through a bike to suit your needs. Not only will you be supporting a local business, you’ll have someone to go back to should you have questions in the future or need a service – and you’ll know that the bike has been assembled correctly in the first place.

  • I’m interested in learning to ride. Where do I start?

    Great news! There is a range of programs available for all abilities and age groups. Check out the “Getting Started” tab for a list of programs.

  • Where is my nearest bike shop?

    Look for your nearest bike shop using our Store Locator!

  • Should I get rider/bike insurance?

    We strongly recommend that riders are insured. See your options on our membership page.

    Not only does this cover you for:

    • Third party damage
    • Third party personal injury
    • Access to legal support & services from lawyers

    It also supports grassroots advocacy and sends a strong message to decision makers.


  • Can I volunteer at WestCycle?

    Most definitely yes. Have a look under the “About Us” section where we keep an up to date list of opportunities, alternatively send us an email at [email protected]

  • I want to teach my kids to ride, how do I get started?

    Great news! There is a range of programs available for all abilities and age groups. Check out the “Getting Started” tab for a list of programs.

  • I’ve got a great bike related idea, can you help to promote it?

    Send the information through to us at [email protected] and we’ll check it out.

  • Can you sponsor me or my event?

    Unfortunately not. WestCycle is a not for profit organisation which does not sponsor individuals or events.

  • How can I help create a more bike-friendly WA?

    Becoming a WestCycle member helps us to better represent WA bike riders. However, there are many ways that you, as a member of the bike riding community, can help contribute to a bike-friendly WA. That is by engaging with local government, completing surveys, helping your workplace or school become more bike-friendly, volunteering at a local cycling club, or simply helping and encouraging a friend to learn the ropes about riding a bike in WA.

    Find out more about our philosophy and advocacy under the "advocacy" tab.

  • How do I stay up to date with WA cycling news?

    Sign up to the WestCycle eNews and follow us via FacebookInstagram and Twitter to keep up to date with WA cycling news.

  • Is WestCycle a government body/department?

    No. WestCycle is a not-for-profit peak body for cycling in Western Australia supporting all disciplines of riding. We are an independent incorporated association.


    If you still have questions then Contact Us