Advisory Groups

As an organisation, we need the best advice possible from those at the coal face to help guide our activities. Hence we have 3 active Advisory Groups that bring together grassroots riders and professionals who provide a broad range of experience and expertise.

WestCycle Advisory Groups

The Transport Cycling Advisory Group provides strategic advice for the WestCycle Board and operational advice for staff of WestCycle on issues associated with transport cycling in Western Australia.

Transport, Safety & Advocacy

Priority Plan


Transport, Safety and Advocacy Advisory Group members are:

Helen Sadler (Chair)

Tim Burns

Shannon Leigh

Matthew ‘Tepi’ Mclaughlin

Craig Wooldridge

Maurice Berger

Christina Neubauer

WestCycle Road Advisory Groups

The Road Recreation Advisory Group is responsible for supporting the growth of road cycling in Western Australia, providing strategic input into the Board of WestCycle and operational input to the staff of WestCycle.

Road – Recreation Advisory Group

The Road – Recreation Advisory Group members are:

Ian Wee

Antony Smithson

Craig Wooldridge

John Bailey

Lindsay Davies-Moore

Catherine Johns

WestCycle Mountain Bike Advisory Group

The Mountain Bike Advisory Group is responsible for giving the WestCycle Board suggestions on how to move forward with Mountain Biking in Western Australia, while supplying WestCycle staff with practical tips on the issue.

Mountain Biking

Priority Plan

Mountain Bike Advisory Group

The Mountain Bike Advisory Group members are:

Ben Witton – CHAIR

John Wallace

Damien Muller

Mark Wardle/Jen Wardle

Cameron Wishart

Jeff Phillips

Will Frizzle

Jodie Stembridge

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Priority plan:
WestCycle – Road – Sport

Priority plan:
WestCycle – Road – Recreation