Bike it to Ballidu Gravel

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Date & Time

  • 23 September, 2023
  • 09:00 AM


  • Alpha St
  • Ballidu


  • All comers
Event Details:

Since 1999, Bike it to Ballidu has been a beloved bike event that welcomes everyone in the Wongan Hills area. Bike it to Ballidu has always been about bringing people together and having fun, and now, in 2023, it’s time to take it to the next level. The Bike it to Ballidu committee, along with WestCycle and the Shire of Wongan-Ballidu, are teaming up to turn this event into incredible gravel adventures with something for everyone over 12km, 30km, 85km and 155km.

Wongan-Ballidu is a hidden gem of epic landscapes less than two hours from Perth. Think rolling hills, vast canola fields, sparkling lakes, farmer’s paths, salt plains, wildflower sanctuaries, forested growths, Mid-West scrub – it’s mindblowing vistas whichever way you point your bike and eyeballs! 👀

But that’s not all – we’re putting the fun into ‘Fungan Hills’ with novelty segments, including gravel pits, speed traps, needle in the haystack and other on-course challenges…🙌

There’ll be prizes galore for best fancy-dressed teams and individuals in keeping with the Bike it to Ballidu tradition that has always encouraged teams to get creative and have fun on the bike! 🤡 🚲🚵🕺💃

The Ballidu after-party has acquired mythical status over the years, and we plan to keep it that way, so take advantage of the camping options at the local oval and stay the night or even the weekend! What better way to have a thorough ‘gravel debrief’ than with a bunch of other gravel lords over a cold beverage, local food, as prizes are given with live music in the mix! Can you achieve ‘Ballidude’ status!? 🥷🏻🚴🏻🚴🏻‍♂️🚴🏻‍♀️🤘🏻😉

It’s all about pushing the limits, creating lifelong memories and cultivating a sense of community.

Grades & Distances:

Wongan Thrills (155km*)

We won’t lie – Wongan Thrills is a tough workout that includes the pinchy climb that is Mt O’Brien, lakes, salt plains and gravel from fast and furious unpaved roads to farmer’s tracks…This is a proper gravel workout that takes on our big loop through stunning landscapes…

The minimum age for the Wongan Thrills is 18 years. Not even tough kids can apply sorry…

The Ballidude (85km*)
Still a tough ride, but only about half as tough, mostly on the big loop…

Only Ballidudes (and Ballidudettes!) over 18 years need apply. Sorry kids…

Yes You Canola (30km*)

Yes You Canola is accessible for all levels. And yes, kids, this one is open for you! Any bike or e-bike should be able to get your around here and if you’ve ridden the old Bike it to Ballidu route, this one is probably for you…crush novelty sections like a mud pit and en-route challenges and win prizes!  🙌

The minimum age of the 30km Yes You Canola Loop is 10 years**.

Just Ballidu It (12km*)

This is the one loop all riders will pass through, the one loop for all! A fun and worthy 12km gravel excursion with novelty challenges and prizes galore including:

💃 Best points: Team and Individual
🕺2nd Best points: Team and Individual
💃 3rd Best Points: Team and Individual
🕺 Best Kids Points: Team and Individual (accompanied by an adult rider)
💃 Best Dressed Checkpoint Marshals

🕺Best dressed team (Jon Hasson Family Award)
💃 Best Checkpoint Challenges completed
🕺 Best Needle in the Haystack Scavenger Hunt
💃 Hardest Riders: Team and Individual

The minimum age for the Just Ballidu It is seven years**.

*Distances are approximate and will be confirmed closer to the event

**Riders under 16 must be accompanied by an adult

Race Entry

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Contact Information
  • Event Organiser: WestCycle
  • Contact Number: 08 6336 9668
  • Alternate Contact Number: 0403 476 100

Tim Roach

Elected Director – Off Road

Tim has been in senior leadership and strategic development roles for more than twenty years. He is currently Director of Executive Education in the School of Business and Law at Edith Cowan University and is a past Assistant Commissioner and General Manager in the public service. He is an Accountant (FCPA) and sits on the Divisional Council of CPA Australia.

Tim has been involved in racing mountain bikes, BMX and triathlon for many years, both as a father of two children who race and as a past and current bike racer. Tim is the current over-50 State Champion in downhill mountain biking. He is also a very regular and enthusiastic transport cyclist; frequently seen in a suit and tie riding to meetings in the city on a mountain bike.

Denise Sullivan

Chair - Governance and Risk Committee

Denise Sullivan has a career spanning over twenty years in senior management and executive roles in the state public and not-for-profit health sectors.

In her usual role of Director Chronic Disease Prevention with the Western Australian Department of Health, she leads the development of state chronic disease and injury prevention policy and planning frameworks and contributes to the shaping of the national preventive health policy agenda.

Her professional interests cover many aspects of chronic disease and injury prevention encompassing health communications, health promotion and research, public policy on health and workforce planning and development.

She has a particular interest in furthering collaborations with other sectors with a mutual interest in promoting a more active and healthier WA community, and creating and sustaining environments that support this. Denise is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Leadership WA Signature Program, and an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian College of Health Service Managers.

Denise is a recreational cyclist and recent convert to mountain biking (although trainer wheels still on!).