Armadale Line Shutdown: impacts on bike riders

The Armadale Line shutdown is happening Monday 20 November 2023 until mid-2025.

The shutdown will have various implications for bike riders as the shared path that runs parallel with the rail line will be impacted by the works to different degrees throughout the project. 

While rail replacement buses will be in place, we can expect a bit of chaos next week. Allow extra travel time, and expect a lot of people being a bit confused, rushed and possibly annoyed. 

Engaging the project teams

We are working with the project teams delivering the upgrades to make sure people can safely and easily ride through the area. It helps that there are some bike riders working within these teams, and one staff member in particular has assured WestCycle she will be riding the full route every week. 

Early in October, WestCycle got up bright and early to meet with the stakeholder manager from the Armadale Line Upgrade Alliance and ride the route from Beckenham Station to Victoria Park Station. We discussed our concerns and made suggestions regarding the ease (or not) for people of all ages and abilities to manage the crossovers through construction and beyond, the potential for conflict between bike riders and people heading to rail replacement buses, and the need for regular checks to ensure the needs of bike riders and other path users are being looked after.

Maps and information

One of WestCycle’s requests to the delivery agencies last week – based on our experience and the responses to our survey – was the creation of a central source of information for PSP disruptions, to make it much easier for everyone to plan their journeys. The response to this request was positive, but the action will take a bit of time to get going.

As the Armadale Line shut is imminent, we’ve working towards putting all the associated PSP detour information in a central place that is easy for people to find and use. Hopefully this isn’t too far off, with some more comprehensive maps that clearly show the PSP as well as when and where any detours will occur. 

In the mean time, we’ve tried to consolidate what exists below. There are various dates provided for different stages of works, but it’s probably reasonable to consider the entire length of the rail line from Victoria Park through to Beckenham will be impacted in some way for the duration. 

METRONET PSP Detours all in one place 

The information below is largely lifted from the individual pages for the Armadale Line upgrade areas. We will provide updates here and on social media as soon as we can.

For the full information, go here

Victoria Park Area

The map doesn’t show the PSP, but there will be some impacts on the crossing points, especially because car traffic on the streets crossing it will be able to go straight across the rail line with no trains to stop for. Map(s) should be coming soon, and we hear there are some raised platforms being installed to make it safer for path users to cross.

Welshpool Area

There will be shared path deviations in place along the corridor at various locations to allow for major works to complete while ensuring access to cyclists and pedestrians.

Traffic management will be in place where required.

Queens Park Area

There will be shared path deviations in place along the corridor at various locations to allow for major works to complete while ensuring access to cyclists and pedestrians.

Cannington Area

There may be an increase in lighting, dust, noise and vibration during the upcoming services relocation works near Cannington Station from Friday 8 to Tuesday 19 December. Traffic management will in place where required, including at the shared path. No map. 

Beckenham Area

The PSP should be minimally impacted, but there will be changes to where people can cross the rail line and some sections of path where people may be waiting for rail replacement buses. No maps provided. 

METRONET contact details

To provide feedback or ask questions about the construction impacts on the PSP, maps, information or anything else to do with the Armadale Line Upgrade, contact METRONET: 

Email [email protected]

Phone (08) 9326 3666

Main Roads

To read how Main Roads is managing the road impacts of the shutdown with some impressive technology for road users except for bike riders and pedestrians, see here

If you download their Traffic ALT app, which provides real-time updates on traffic impacts from the Armadale Line Upgrade works, you can provide feedback such as “It would be great if this included information for active transport users.”


Transperth has information about the impacts on passengers and schedules for rail replacement buses here.

No bikes on rail replacement buses

Unfortunately people can’t take their bikes on the rail replacement buses at any time. 

Ride to Victoria Park station, then travel to Perth

You might want to consider riding to Victoria Park station and catching the train from there to Perth. Just remember, from Vic Park station you won’t be allowed to take your bike on the train in the morning peak time (7-9am) towards Perth or evening peak hours (4:30-6:30pm) away from Perth (or through Perth Station in peak times at all). 

Parking your bike securely at stations

If you plan to leave your bike at the station, read up on how to use the secure bike cages beforehand: Cycling to Stations. You will need to register a SmartRider, and then log into your Transperth account to link it to bike shelters at a maximum of two stations. You then use the SmartRider to swipe in and out of the bike cages. Use a good lock! Cable locks are really easy to cut; invest in a D-lock. 

Some helpful videos

A friend of WestCycle and bike riders everywhere has been making videos of detours for a while now, showing the good, the bad and the honestly completely ridiculous. They recently made a video about the Armadale Line that should give you a bit of an idea of what to expect. Check out the BayBUG YouTube Channel here.

Good luck out there!

We will be going for a ride down the Armadale Line PSP in the next week or so to check how things are going and provide feedback. 

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