Sport-Related Concussion Short Course – Connectivity Traumatic Brain Injury Australia

Connectivity Traumatic Brain Injury Australia is pleased to share its latest educational offering – a free, online Sport-Related Concussion Short Course. WestCycle encourages the WA bike riding community to engage with this short course to help educate and raise awareness on this important and often misunderstood injury.

Who should complete the Sport-Related Concussion Short Course?

Coaches, umpires or referees, parents, volunteers, or anyone who may be first on the scene of a sport-related concussion. And people who have a general interest in learning more about concussion in a sport-related context!

How long does it take to complete?

The Sport-Related Concussion Short Course provides interactive, engaging learning that takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. The course also includes lived experience stories, which are optional viewing.

What will I learn in the Sport-Related Concussion Short Course?

The course covers the essentials of understanding and managing concussion, the importance of seeking medical care, and the different paths to recovery. There is also a range of fact sheets and downloadable resources, including advice on returning to sport, school and work following a concussion.

How much does it cost?

The Sport-Related Concussion Short Course is free to complete. At the end, there is the opportunity to invest in a personalised certification of completion for $10.

Who created the course?

The Sport-Related Concussion Short Course was created by the team at Connectivity, reviewed by its Expert Committee and refined with feedback from a number of sporting codes. Connectivity is an Australian not-for-profit, working to educate and raise awareness on concussion and traumatic brain injuries within our community.

How do I enrol?

Visit the Connectivity website or click here to enrol.

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