Perth’s world class shared path network blighted by illegal motorbike riding

WestCycle survey reveals rising concern over motorbike incidents on metropolitan shared paths – more than 270 bike riders respond

An exclusive WestCycle survey has found Perth’s cyclists are increasingly concerned about motorbike riders illegally using the city’s shared path network – with an elderly path user killed in 2023[1] and many others impacted and traumatised by motorbike incidents.[2]

There’s low probability of me coming into contact with a motorbike but the ramifications are disastrous – death, serious trauma,” said one survey respondent.

While WA’s Principal Shared Path (PSP) network is widely commended for providing some of the best and safest bike riding spaces in the country[3], WestCycle’s survey revealed 262 of 272 Perth and Peel survey respondents had encountered motorbikes on the paths or were concerned about them.

About two thirds of respondents said they were ‘very concerned’ for their own safety. 78% said they were very concerned about the threat motorbikes presented to the safety of other bike riders.  

Three quarters were ‘not at all confident’ authorities were addressing the problem.

The Kwinana Freeway PSP had the most reported incidents with 185. Roe Highway (64), Tonkin Highway (37) and Mitchell Freeway (36) were also hotspots. Como (47), Success (27) and Murdoch (21) were the areas with the most reported incidents, but these areas were also among those with the highest traffic.

Other user concerns included high-speed e-bikes and e-scooters and motorbikes damaging mountain bike trails.

A difficult problem to police

WestCycle CEO Wayne Bradshaw emphasised the overall safety and bike rider satisfaction of Perth’s expanding PSP network but noted, “concerns revealed by this survey are undeniable.”

“With many motorbike riders wearing full face-covering helmets and removing or obscuring license plates, or riding unlicensed trail bikes, we recognise it is a difficult one to police,” Bradshaw said.

“We urge bike riders to be cautious if they hear or encounter a motorbike on a shared path and report all incidents to the Police with as much detail as possible without engaging the motorbike riders.”

In addressing the issue last year, Police Commissioner Col Blanch told the ABC WA Police had a unit focused on unregistered motorbikes that was “very good at tracking down these individuals”.

Commissioner Blanch noted the unit would, “go and seize their bikes, and will charge those individuals.”


A detailed summary of the survey findings is here.


Media enquiries:

Shane Starling

WestCycle Communications Manager

Phone: 0492 897 199

Email: [email protected]



[1] ‘Tyson Michael Denny sentenced over motorbike crash that killed cyclist John Peters’

[2] ‘Cyclists call on Police Commissioner to control unregistered motorbike hoons on bike paths’

[3] ‘WA cyclists say Victoria Park and North Fremantle among worst places to ride in Perth’


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