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In December of 2016, the City of Stirling supported the redevelopment of the Westside BMX Club’s clubrooms and some of the race-track surrounds.  This represented an $1.4m funding investment and was made available after the CoS attended a BMXA National Series Round that Westside BMX Club hosted from 2012-2015. The Mayor and Councillors realised that Westside had built a track and a Club that was capable of attracting major events, not just National-level events, but also possibly International as well. Westside is hoping to secure the 2021 BMXA National Championships, which will bring thousands of riders (and income generation) to the area from across the country.

Working very closely with the Westside Committee, the City of Stirling planned and executed the build, to make Westside arguably Australia’s best non-government owned BMX facility. The project included construction of new clubrooms and ablutions, complete with contemporary urban art by internationally acclaimed artists Yok and Sherryo, new canteen and first aid room facilities, an extension to the 2nd Berm seating area and redevelopment of the 4th straight seating area, and supported an upgrade to some of the race track infrastructure.

Westside BMX Club also invested significant sums of money raised through fund-raising and donations, as well as investment through facility sponsors.

The rebuild was officially completed in September, 2017, and has continued to be invested in by the club to improve the facilities even more. As a result, the club has seen a massive swell in membership numbers and has attracted significant interest from riders in the local community. New members have been across all age groups, up to the age of 70 years old, and both male and female riders.

BMX is a strategically important discipline to the overall sport of cycling. Riders start as young as 2 years of age, and it is regarded as the springboard for children into other forms of riding, be it mountain biking, road riding or velodrome.