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My name is Elise Reid and I am a third-year student at Curtin University undertaking a double degree in Public Relations and International Relations. I am passionate about writing, sport, travel, food and all things politics. I hope to translate my love for writing into any future endeavours within my career and for the digital world to be one of inclusion.

The internship that I am undertaking with WestCycle is nothing like I had expected, in the best way possible. It has allowed me the opportunity to not only transfer what I’ve learnt in my studies into a real-world setting, I’ve been given the chance to learn new skills and experience new things. Throughout my internship, I’ve been given a multitude of tasks related to marketing and communications but have also been given a glance into the strategic components of the organisation, with opportunities to contribute my own ideas.

I have learnt something new everyday and have gained experiences that can’t be had inside the classroom. From being out in the community, and upholding organisational values outside the office, to communicating with local stakeholders through the online world, my internship with WestCycle has taught me invaluable skills that compliment my university teachings.

I’ve learnt new analytical and research skills and have gained new experience in the marketing world which I never would’ve gained without undertaking this internship. The most important aspect that I have come to realise is that inclusive language, engagement and sense of community must be emphasised in everything that an organisation does. Maintaining connections and building a network is key in the success of not only the organisation itself but in its ability to assist the community, especially for not-for-profits. These are things that students don’t learn about in textbooks or in the classrooms but are essential to every organisation there is. WestCycle has allowed me the great opportunity to contribute to a team and gain practical skills and knowledge that I wouldn’t of been able to obtain inside the classroom. Undertaking an internship in university can be a daunting idea, but working with WestCycle has given me the confidence I need to translate what I’ve learnt here into any future career as they’ve provided me with constant assistance and support through my learning journey.

To find out more about Internship opportunities with WestCycle please contact: info@westcycle.org.au with your CV and a short statement about what you would like to achieve in an internship.