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WestCycle, Lucky Projects and Healthway Partnership Announcement


Bike-Curious Project

WestCycle and Lucky Projects are delighted to announce we have received funding under Healthway’s Physical Activity Innovation Challenge Project to co-deliver the Bike-Curious Program.

The idea for Bike-Curious grew from the successful #andshecycles campaign developed by Green Schools Ireland, and Sustrans in Scotland, which has almost tripled the number of girls riding in participating schools. Bike-Curious responds to the low participation rates in WA of girls and women aged 15-20 in bike riding of all kinds.

Through creative workshops and co-design of behaviour change actions, this project aims to build understanding of the main barriers preventing girls and women aged 15-20 from choosing to ride their bikes and empower them to develop their own strategies to increase participation in everyday bike riding.

A portion the budget has been allocated for the girls to design their own strategies and actions to increase bike riding participation amongst their peer group.

The Bike-Curious Program will kick off early in 2023, partnering with two schools and two organisations that work primarily with and for young people. We can’t wait to hear insights from girls and young women and help make their experiences part of the conversation about active mobility in Australia.

Credit: Photographer – Andy Catlin / Sustrans #andshecycles

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