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On Monday the 29th of November WestCycle held our Annual General Meeting. 

We welcomed Members and Affiliates to recap a year of fantastic achievement and growth.

WestCycle’s newly adopted strategic plan identifies three key pillars of representation, growth and sustainability and sets the direction for our staff operational plans. The pillar of representation reflects our stakeholder engagement and the long-term role we play as a driver in the establishment of bike riding infrastructure and behaviour change initiatives. The strategic pillar of growth reflects our vision of ‘more people riding bikes more often’. By enhancing safety and providing motivation and opportunity for kids, families, commuters, social, recreational and fitness riders, we seek to grow bike riding so it becomes a part of our way of life. The sustainability pillar seeks to strengthen the bike riding community and promote the impact of riding on our environment and transport systems

We will continue to seek a better outcome for bike riding in Western Australia, with a view to getting more people riding bikes, more often, through living WestCycle’s core values of leadership, collaboration and sustainability

Read our 2020/2021 Annual Report HERE