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The purpose of this document is to outline the key information relevant to all WA Junior cyclists targeting selection for the 2019 Junior State Road Team to compete and represent Western Australia in the 2019 Junior Road Nationals on the Gold Coast in Queensland in September.


  • 2019 Cycling Australia Junior Road Nationals
  • WA State Junior Road Team Selection Criteria
  • WA State Junior Road/ITT Championships
  • WA State Junior Road Team Camp


Where: Gold Coast, Queensland

When: 20-22 September

Events: ITT (20th), Road Race (21st) & Criterium (22nd)

Course Details & Locations: TBA

Who: WestCycle WA State Junior Road Team.

Team WA Accommodation: TBC

Travel Dates: 17th-23rd September*

*Subject to change based on final logistics confirmation


The Cycling Australia Junior Road Nationals is an individual event, therefore riders do not have to be part of the State Team to attend. We encourage athletes to travel and compete with a club team for this event even if they are not part of the WA State Team. We would like to see all riders from all WA teams form a strong cohesive squad called Team WA.

More information (course details, etc) will be communicated when available.

WA State Junior Road Team: 

Rider Eligibility

All WA Junior riders must meet the eligibility criteria below to be considered for selection into the WA State Junior Road Team:

  • Rider must have competed in a combination of at least 4 Road races, ITT or Criteriums between the months of May-August
  • Must race the 2019 WA Junior State Road/ITT Championships
  • Must hold full and current Cycling Australia RACE membership
  • Race as a U15 or U17 Junior
  • Abide by the applicable Technical Regulations, Code of Conduct & all policies (anti-doping, ergogenic aids, member protection, child protection) of both WestCycle & Cycling Australia
  • Not be serving a race license suspension of any kind
  • Where possible, participate in at least one Junior Development Training session (TBA), hosted by the WestCycle & Team WA Junior squad mentor

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria #1 (Performance & Participation):

The following selection criteria will be used as a reference for all selections into the WA State Junior Road Team.

The WA National Junior Road Series (NJRS) rounds, combined with the WA Junior State Road/ITT Championships will be the major events used for considering athletes for selection into the team. All WA riders MUST compete in the WA Junior State Championships to be eligible for selection. In addition to the NJRS & State Championships, participation and results in the following events may also be used to confirm selections:

  • 2019 WA Junior State Criterium Championship results
  • Any Element Road Series Event (Overall standing & Individual Race Results)
  • Podium Results in Club Races (e.g. RCCC, Peel Districts CC, ATTA)
  • Notable individual performance improvements & progression will also be taken into consideration at the discretion of the WA State Team Head Coach.
  • WestCycle Junior Development Group Ride & Training session* participation

Selection Criteria #2 (Attitudes & Goodstanding)

Consideration for selection into the WA State Team will not be solely based on performance criteria. The following attributes will also be referenced for selection into the WA State Team.

  • Evidence of a positive attitude towards training and preparation.
  • Evidence of a positive attitude towards race organizers, commissaires and club officials.
  • Behaves in a respectful and sporting manner towards competitors and other riders in a training or racing environment.
  • Commitment to team environments meeting the expected criteria relating to the team/club rules and policies.

The 2019 Junior State Road Team will be announced on the 12th of August.

WA State Junior Road – ITT Championships

Where: TBA

When: 3-4th August 2019

As a pre-requisite for WA State Team selection, unless a rider is unable to attend the State Championships due to injury or illness*, it is expected that all riders who wish to be selected into the Junior State Team, attend and compete in both the road race and the individual time trial events.

*In the case of injury or illness, the rider must make contact and advise WestCycle in writing.

More information regarding course details and other relevant documents will be communicated in the coming months.


WestCycle ‘Team WA’ Nationals Development Camp

Where: TBA (To be located between Metro/Regional area)

When: 10th-11th August

Duration: Saturday morning arrival – Sunday Afternoon Depart*

*Subject to change


Purpose of the camp:

The purpose of the camp is to bring together WA junior riders who will be competing at the 2019 Junior Road Nationals. The camp will aim to build a cohesive, competitive and team-first environment, whilst undertaking challenging training and education aimed at preparing athletes for the upcoming road nationals.


Each athlete attending the WA Nationals Development Camp will be responsible for a share of the following costs:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Team car fuel
  • Shared WA State Team Manager & Coach costs
  • Shared Volunteer/Chaperone & Junior Mentor costs (Accommodation & Food)
  • Sundries accumulated during the trip

Estimated cost per person: $300-350*

*Subject to change based on attendance and final confirmation of logistical costings

Expressions of Interest:

If you are planning on attending the Nationals Development Camp, please submit your expression of interest to jethro.nagle@westcycle.org.au by May 26th. Please note a 50% refundable deposit will be required to secure your place. This allows us to cover the deposit/total for the camp accommodation booking.


We will require some parental help for the trip. The camp will require one female chaperone/volunteer to stay with the female members of the camp. We will also require one other volunteer to help with various tasks which can include (Driving team car, cooking, shopping, light mechanic duties, general hand). If you can assist in one of these positions above, please contact jethro.nagle@westcycle.org.au