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Due to scheduled maintenance, the track at the Midland SpeedDome is closed this week. To ensure there would still be some training available for the WA juniors, WestCycle & WAIS developed an initiative to run two training sessions for junior road and track cyclists on the outdoor criterium circuit at the SpeedDome. Many will remember the circuit from the previous races that were once held there. On Tuesday, it proved to be an excellent venue for junior training!
WAIS head coach Matt Crampton and WestCycle Talent Development Coordinator Jethro Nagle took an eager group of juniors through a dynamic 90-minute training session on the circuit. The group worked on their bike handling skills and sprinting power through different gearing ratios on the short course and then finished with some aerobic work in pairs, completing 2-up TT efforts on the longer course.
The second training session will be held this Friday the 5th of July from 4 pm to 5:30 pm and is open to all juniors. We ask each parent to bring a $5 donation going towards our junior events fundraising. Get in touch with Jethro Nagle to let him know if your son/daughter will be attending on Friday.
Due to the instant success on this initiative, WestCycle & WAIS will look to host more training on the SpeedDome Criterium Circuit in the near future. So keep an eye out on the WestCycle socials and newsletters.