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In recent years, WestCycle has noticed a desire for U17 riders to compete in the Tour of Margaret River.

As such, second year U17 riders wishing to enter the event are to submit in writing to WestCycle: 

  1. A signed consent and endorsement from associated Club
  2. A signed consent and endorsement from the riders coach
  3. A signed consent from a parent or guardian 


Applications must be submitted via email to: 

Glenn Te Raki: General Manager – Road and Track, WestCycle 


Applications will be individually assessed and both the rider and Tour of Margaret River event organisers notified of the outcome of the decision. Please note that applications do not guarantee entry into the event and further information may be requested from the rider/coach/club at WestCycle’s discretion. 


Please also note that first year U17 riders will not be permitted to ride in the event.