Track Riding

One of the oldest forms of the sport of cycling.

Whilst it’s one of the oldest forms of the sport of cycling, around since at least the 1870’s, it’s still one of the most exciting forms of the cycling. Western Australia has produced numerous Olympic and Commonwealth Gold Medallists.  The Midvale SpeedDome is the home of track cycling in Western Australia.

Track Racing Explained

It is expected that all riders presenting for track competition will be competent in track craft, skills and protocols, and have at least a working knowledge of track cycling technical regulations and Cycling Australia Code of Conduct. Click here to view the CA Code of Conduct.

Track Cycling WA have put together a handbook, please give it a read before turning up to the velodrome. TCWA Velodrome Riding Handbook

There are many events within the discipline of track racing. Below is a list of the more common events
 An Omnium is a combination of different events generally held over the course of a few days. Points are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd and a winner awarded at the end of the Omnium based on how many points were accumulated. Consistency is key in this event.

Scratch race: A bunch race where the first person across the line wins. Despite its simplicity, this event can be exciting due to the breakaways, lap gains and bunch sprints.
Points race: Bunch race over a fixed distance. Points are awarded for ‘intermediate sprints’ and points also awarded for riders that lap the field. The rider with the most points wins. A great deal of speed, stamina, technical skill and tactical awareness are required to do well in a points race.

Madison: Two riders make up a team, with a maximum of 18 teams on the track. Generally set over 50km, this is a spectacular event where riders accumulate points by winning intermediate sprints. Riders take over from their team-mate, either by a touch of the shorts or a Madison sling.

Keirin: Originating from Japan, 6-8 riders are paced behind a motorbike (derny), jostling to get the best position in the sprint. Once the derny pulls off the track it is a sprint to the finish, usually 600-700 metres.

A mass-start race where the last rider over the finish line is eliminated. Once down to a certain number of riders there will be a sprint for the finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a licence to race at the SpeedDome?

Yes, you will need a race licence if you wish to compete in Friday Night Racing. Race licences can be obtained from Cycling Australia ( If you wish to utilise the track on a weekly basis it is advised that you become a member of Track Cycling WA. Click here to read about the benefits of a TCWA membership.

When can I ride the SpeedDome?

There are various sessions for various abilities held throughout the week and also on Saturdays. Please follow this link to see weekly track availability.

Are spectators allowed at the SpeedDome?

Spectators are encouraged! The SpeedDome has the capacity for 1500 spectators. It is free to spectate training sessions and most racing events.

What do I wear?

Cycling bib shorts and a jersey is going to give you the most comfort, however, if you don’t have these things then shorts and a t-shirt with runners will be fine. If you use cycling shoes you are encouraged to bring them, along with your pedals if hiring a bike. Don’t forget to bring your helmet!

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, as long as it is a track bike (no brakes, single fixed gear). If you do not own a track bike the venue offers bike hire for $10.

Is there anything else I should bring?

Water and snacks, there is a water fountain on the premises sometimes a tuck shop depending on the session. A change of clothes (especially in the colder months), a towel for wiping away perspiration and a change of shoes is also a good idea.

About the Speeddome

Western Australia’s only indoor velodrome is located in the Perth suburb of Midvale, 20km East of the CBD. The velodrome was designed by German architect Ralph Schürmann and constructed under the supervision of English velodrome specialist Ron Webb. The velodrome officially opened in November 1985. It is a 250m track made out of high grade Siberian pine, and has been host to several local, national and international events, including the 1997 UCI Track Cycling World Championships. The venue also features a 700m outdoor criterium track, used for driver education courses and occasional Cyclocross events.

National Junior Track Series

The National Junior Track Series is an excellent initiative by Cycling Australia to help young riders make the transition to elite racing. Open to U15 and U17s, this year the NJTS has been expanded to include U19 women. It is ideal for riders that have not had the opportunity to race at a national level previously, developing much-needed skills, confidence and track craft.

Click here to view the NJTS Handbook outlining the Event details.

Cycling Australia’s link to the National Junior track Series click here

CycleSport WA supports the event in the following ways:

  • Encouraging Clubs to organise a team to travel and experience the NJTS
  • Appointing a Local NJTS Co-ordinator  to field questions and distribute Event Information, forms etc
  • Promoting news about the event- deadlines, links and results.
  • We are sorry but there is no money available for this project. We suggest contacting your club or your local shire or the Henk Vogels Cycling Foundation.

Clubs and Parents can organise their team to attend the events, including logistics:

  • Accommodation
  • Flights
  • Transport and bike travel
  • Chaperones
  • Food
  • Event Entry
  • all expenses and account

It is important to note that all Cycling Australia Members should act in accordance with their code of conduct. CycleSport WA abides by Working with Children Check legislation and its requirements.

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