Track cycling is a bicycle racing sport held on specially built banked tracks or velodromes.

Some events are held at older velodromes where the track banking is relatively shallow. Special purpose track bicycles are used for this discipline.

Track Racing Explained

It is expected that all riders presenting for track competition will be competent in track craft, skills and protocols, and have at least a working knowledge of track cycling technical regulations and Cycling Australia Code of Conduct. Click here to view the CA Code of Conduct.

Track Cycling WA have put together a handbook, please give it a read before turning up to the velodrome. TCWA Velodrome Riding Handbook

There are many events within the discipline of track racing. Below is a list of the more common events
 An Omnium is a combination of different events generally held over the course of a few days. Points are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd and a winner awarded at the end of the Omnium based on how many points were accumulated. Consistency is key in this event.

Scratch race: A bunch race where the first person across the line wins. Despite its simplicity, this event can be exciting due to the breakaways, lap gains and bunch sprints.
Points race: Bunch race over a fixed distance. Points are awarded for ‘intermediate sprints’ and points also awarded for riders that lap the field. The rider with the most points wins. A great deal of speed, stamina, technical skill and tactical awareness are required to do well in a points race.

Madison: Two riders make up a team, with a maximum of 18 teams on the track. Generally set over 50km, this is a spectacular event where riders accumulate points by winning intermediate sprints. Riders take over from their team-mate, either by a touch of the shorts or a Madison sling.

Keirin: Originating from Japan, 6-8 riders are paced behind a motorbike (derny), jostling to get the best position in the sprint. Once the derny pulls off the track it is a sprint to the finish, usually 600-700 metres.

A mass-start race where the last rider over the finish line is eliminated. Once down to a certain number of riders there will be a sprint for the finish.


4.30 – 6pm 8-18 Years Development Session
Session cost $12, or $17 with hire bike
Coach: Amanda O’Connor

X-Speed Australia Cycle Club

0418 949 509

6pm – 8.30pm Intermediate/Advanced Session
Session cost $10 members, $15 non-members (hire bikes not offered for this session)

Track Cycling Western Australia

Coach: Chris Pratley

0418 293 941



4 – 6pm Development Session (Novice Junior & Adult)

Session cost $10, or $15 with hire bike.
Coach: Matt Storer 0478 837 477

Track Cycling Western Australia

6pm – 8.30 Evening Development Session
Session cost $10, or $20 with hire bike.
Coach: Chris Pratley 0418 293 941


5pm – 8.30pm

Club night for Midland Cycle Club. Offering sessions for Beginners (starting 5pm) all the way up to Intermediate/Advanced (starting at 6.30pm)
Sessions cost $8 and $4 for a hire bike. Please arrive 15 minutes early if you require a hire bike.

Click here for more information. Click here for Track Q&A.
Contact Lachlan McCrea for more information.
0418 950 555



4:30-6pm Beginner/Intermediate

$12 session with $5 bike hire

Run by X-Speed Australia:

6-8pm intermediate/advanced

$12 session with $5 bike hire

Run by X-Speed Australia:


Friday Night Racing
6-7pm Warm-Up, Racing from 7pm sharp.

$20 for grades A-D (over 13) and $15 for Young Guns (must be under 13). You must register online for Friday Night Racing; entries close Tuesday prior to race night on Track Cycling WA’s website.
Track Cycling WA hosts Friday Night Racing throughout summer and winter. This is a great opportunity to get some racing experience and have fun.


TCWA Try It Night
6pm – 8.30pm Select Fridays (refer to TCWA calendar for dates)
Session costs $20, which includes bike hire
Contact: Chris Pratley 0418 293 941

When there isn’t racing on, TCWA often hosts Try It Nights. Try It Nights are designed for cyclists who haven’t ridden the track before (but ride other disciplines) or someone completely new to the sport of cycling. You will learn how to ride behind another rider, ride in a group, start and stop safely, looking over your shoulder, getting out of the saddle, riding with one foot out of the pedal and many more skills. Make sure to bring a helmet, cycling shoes and pedals, cycling bib shorts and a jersey – if you don’t have these just wear a comfortable top with shorts and running shoes.

Sprint Night
6-9pm Select Fridays (refer to TCWA calendar for dates)
Session cost $15
Sprint Nights are held by TCWA and are open to all levels of track cyclists. Over the three-hour session, after warm-up riders are to complete a timed 200, and are then placed in the correct grade according to ability, ensuring everyone is challenged appropriately. Each rider will complete three to four match sprints in each round against other riders (on rotation) in their grade. The sessions are well organised and are extremely popular, offering track cyclists to learn from more experienced sprinters and coaches, within a controlled, enjoyable and safe environment.



9am12pm Intermediate/Advanced Session (All ages)
Session cost $25. This session is dependant on numbers so please get in touch with Chris before coming along.
Coach: Chris Pratley Track Cycling WA 0418 293 941

Corporate sessions are also run on Saturdays, more information about corporate sessions can be found below.


Corporate events are available on Sundays. Hosted by Track Cycling WA, these sessions are designed to encourage leadership, nurture teamwork and establish a healthy and happy business environment. No prior experience of riding on the track necessary. Sessions are run from 10-12pm and 1-3pm with a minimum of 15 riders required to book a session. Cost is $30 per person and includes bike hire. You will need to bring cycling or running shoes, Lycra or comfortable clothing, gloves and a helmet. For more information on corporate events, please contact Chris: 0418 293 941

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get selected for the State Team?

You will need to meet the selection criteria and then be selected by the selection panel. Find out more HERE.

Do I need a licence to race at the SpeedDome?

Yes, you will need a race licence if you wish to compete in Friday Night Racing. Race licences can be obtained from Cycling Australia ( If you wish to utilise the track on a weekly basis it is advised that you become a member of Track Cycling WA. Click here to read about the benefits of a TCWA membership.

When can I ride the SpeedDome?

There are various sessions for various abilities held throughout the week and also on Saturdays. Please follow this link to see weekly track availability.

Are spectators allowed at the SpeedDome?

Spectators are encouraged! The SpeedDome has the capacity for 2300 spectators. It is free to spectate training sessions and most racing events.

What do I wear?

Cycling bib shorts and a jersey is going to give you the most comfort, however, if you don’t have these things then shorts and a t-shirt with runners will be fine. If you use cycling shoes you are encouraged to bring them, along with your pedals if hiring a bike. Don’t forget to bring your helmet!

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, as long as it is a track bike (no brakes, single fixed gear). If you do not own a track bike the venue offers bike hire for $10.

Is there anything else I should bring?

Water and snacks, there is a water fountain on the premises sometimes a tuck shop depending on the session. A change of clothes (especially in the colder months), a towel for wiping away perspiration and a change of shoes is also a good idea.