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WestCycle’s High Performance Manager, Joe McCarthy is in Bendigo this week with a group of talented young riders part of the Under 17 and Under 15 State Teams.

Follow Joe’s journey with the team this week.

“A 6:00 am Monday morning flight to Melbourne created an early start for the team en route to Bendigo yesterday. After a smooth 3 hour flight and 1.5 hour drive,  Team  WA have arrived safely in Bendigo.

As can be seen below the next mission once in our accommodation was bike assembly!  Once completed a good nights rest is required ready for our first training session in the morning – fingers crossed the rain stays away.

The remainder of the team will arrive today with a couple more on Wednesday and Thursday. We are looking forward to a successful week here and everyone is in high spirits.

Some of boys were fortunate to experience the world famous AJ inspired chicken curry which I can say from first hand experience was delicious!”