Planning for a Cycling Culture in Western Australia

WestCycle is a considered and strategic entity whose partnerships and ability to unite the riding community results in beneficial change for all bike riders in Western Australia. We operate at a strategic level with long term plans to guide the future focus and development of cycling. In order to engage stakeholders it is important we have a clearly articulated vision and plan.

WestCycle’s Strategic Plan: “Our Bike Path”

Planning for a Cycling Culture

Never before has cycling in Western Australia had a unified plan that presents a common way forward. A plan that everyone is a part of. But we do now!

Our Bike Path‘ 2014-2020 maps a vision and framework that will be used to guide the future development and growth of cycling in Western Australia.

It’s not a plan about any one cycling organisation, government agency or particular aspect of cycling. It’s a plan for all forms of cycling and for everyone associated with developing and supporting cycling in WA: our clubs, cycling organisations, government agencies, local councils, coaches, volunteers, and importantly, our riders.

It sets out the strategies and actions needed to grow cycling and make riding a bike a safer and more rewarding experience for all. Currently over 400,000 Western Australian’s regularly ride. We want to increase this figure to over 1 million by 2020.

We are now working to harness collaborative action across entire the cycling community, industry and government to deliver on the plan.

We hope you join us for the ride.

Read our Strategic Plan HERE.

Discipline-Specific Master & Strategic Plans

The Master and Strategic Plans are the culmination of countless hours of work and present exciting opportunities to drive the development of a cycling culture in Western Australia. These documents guide strategic investment to maximise the benefits that bicycle riding can offer to our State.

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The WA Bicycle Network Plan

The Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan 2014-2031 (WABN) was publicly released by Transport Minister Dean Nalder on 29 March 2014.

The WABN Plan aims to make WA a place where cycling is safe, connected, and convenient and a widely accepted form of transport.
It caters for the expansion of Western Australia’s cycling facilities and growing cycling requirements over the next two decades and will provide a blueprint for metropolitan and regional cycling facilities to encourage and support bicycle trips.
This new plan incorporates a review of its predecessor, the 1996 Perth Bicycle Network Plan and has been developed as a result of feedback received during the review of the draft Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan.
Key recommendations of the WABN Plan include:

  • Expansion of the PSP network
  • A feasibility study for an end-of-trip facility in the CBD
  • A connections to schools program
  • A connections to rail/major bus stations program
  • Review of traffic management on local roads
  • Review of the local bicycle routes
  • Development of an online journey planner
  • Planning for cycling facilities in larger regional cities
  • Formulation of a WABN Implementation Reference Group
  • Biennial review of the Plan

Download the Western Australia Bicycle Network Plan