Strategic Framework for cycling

Never before has cycling in Western Australia had a unified plan that presents a common way forward. A plan that everyone is a part of. But we do now!

Our Bike Path‘ maps the course for the coordinated development and growth of cycling in WA.
It’s not a plan about any one cycling organisation, government agency or particular aspect of cycling. It’s a plan for all forms of cycling and for everyone associated with developing and supporting cycling in WA: our clubs, cycling organisations, government agencies, local councils, coaches, volunteers, and importantly, our riders.
It sets out the strategies and actions needed to grow cycling and make riding a bike a safer and more rewarding experience for all. Currently over 400,000 Western Australian’s regularly ride. We want to increase this figure to over 1 million by 2020.
We are now working to harness colloborative action across entire cycling community, industry and government to deliver on the plan.
We hope you join us for the ride.