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The EMRC and its member Councils in partnership with the Town of Cambridge, City of Cockburn and City of Vincent have launched a campaign to encourage predictable and courteous behaviours and discourage distractions whilst walking, cycling and driving on our roads, shared paths, trails and footpaths.

EMRC CEO, Mr Peter Schneider, said that the “Share the Space” campaign identifies behaviours that can help reduce conflict and safety issues.

“When we interact in shared spaces, particularly when we are using different transport modes, we can misunderstand the good intentions of others, or demonstrate behaviour that causes confusion or frustration. The purpose of the campaign is to start a conversation about behaviours that could help us all share the space” he said.

The campaign is primarily delivered through three short videos, showing different scenarios where grey areas of the road rules and footpath etiquette can impact on the enjoyment and safety of others. The star of the campaign, Stevie, is your typical member of the community who enjoys walking, cycling and driving in Perth.

“Most of the time Stevie does the right thing, but sometimes needs some help sharing the space. Whether running late and trying to eat breakfast on the go, or rushing to pass groups of people, there are some simple tips to help Stevie look out for others” Mr Schneider said.

The “Share the Space” campaign has been developed in consultation with the EMRC’s member Councils: Town of Bassendean, City of Belmont, City of Bayswater City of Kalamunda, Shire of Mundaring and City of Swan; and other key partners: the Town of Cambridge, City of Cockburn and City of Vincent, Bicycling WA, West Cycle and the EMRC’s Regional Integrated Transport Strategy Implementation Advisory Group.

“The provision of a safe, efficient and effective transport network in Perth’s Eastern Region, where all road, public transport and active transport users feel safe and not exposed to harm when utilising or interacting with the network, is a priority for the EMRC” Mr Schneider said.

View the Share the Space videos below, find out more about the Share the Space campaign at: emrc.org.au/sharethespace

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