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27 October 2020

Roe Highway Principal Shared Path Diversion (Leeming)

8 April 2019 to mid-2020.

  • On 5 July 2020, the Roe Highway PSP between Karel Ave and Farrington Rd reopened to path users. Please note some minor finishing works are required
  • The Shared Path along Karel Ave was replaced and reopened in October 2020

Update – 5 July 2020

Starting at Farrington Road, 2.3km of upgraded PSP runs along Kwinana Freeway turning east into Roe Highway, running under the Karel Avenue bridge and continuing along Roe Highway.

The PSP on the west side of the Karel Avenue bridge is open, however there is temporary pavement in some sections. A temporary path connects the PSP on the bridge to the PSP along Roe Highway.

The Karel Avenue PSP between the bridge and Farrington Road remains temporarily closed. Pedestrians and cyclists will need to detour via Fern Leaf Court.


The Roe Highway Principal Shared Path, between Farrington Road and Fern Leaf Court will be closed as a result of two projects in the area.

The section between Farrington Road and Karel Avenue will be closed starting April 2019 to mid-2020 to allow the construction of noise walls.

The section between Karel Avenue and Fern Leaf Court will be closed from late-September 2019 to mid-2020 to allow the construction of the Karel Avenue Upgrade

For more information:

Karel Ave Project

Murdoch Drive Project (Roe Highway Noise Walls)

Email: enquiries@mainroads.wa.gov.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MainRoadsWesternAustralia/
Phone: 138 138

Note: if you are reporting issues on the diversion, such as fallen signage or other hazards, please email TO enquiries@mainroads.wa.gov.au and CC info@westcycle.org.au

Disclaimer – Please use this information as a guide and check the project website for up-to-date information