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18 December 2019

Earlier this year, a working group comprising of the Department of Transport, VenuesWest and ASM Global who operate RAC Arena, the City of Perth and WestCycle was formed to explore the best way to improve access for bicycle riders around RAC Arena.

For those who aren’t aware, the northern accessway that has been used by many bicycle riders is not part of the Principal Shared Path (PSP) network. This path was closed as a result of glazing works that needed to be conducted on the building in 2017 and has not been reopened due to safety concerns arising from the increasing bus, bicycle and pedestrian activity, especially within and adjacent to the eastern forecourt.

Over the last few months, the working group has discussed several options to improve the south-western route and potentially reopen the northern accessway during non-event times. Although the northern accessway is preferred by many bicycle riders, this path is located on RAC Arena land and the south-western route will continue to be the main route around the Arena. 

Some of the interventions explored include:

  • Redesigning the Market Street crossing to maintain PSP priority and improve safety;
  • Surface treatments at the south-western corner to reduce conflict as bicycle riders enter the pedestrian-priority shared space along Wellington Street;
  • Rearranging street furniture on the eastern forecourt to help lead bicycle riders towards the mid-block kerb ramp on Milligan Street and to slow bicycle riders as they enter the pedestrian-priority area; and
  • Gates at both ends to open/close the northern accessway during event times and as required (including signage to give advanced notice of upcoming closures).

Where to now?

The Department of Transport, VenuesWest, ASM Global and the City of Perth are currently exploring the viability of these various options. Once this process is complete, a course of action can be decided upon and budgeted for. We will provide another update and share the schedule of works once these details have been finalised.