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Updated August 2021


Principal Shared Path Expansion Program 2017-2022

The State Government’s priority Principal Shared Paths (PSPs) up until 2023 will be within a 15 km radius of the Perth Central Business District with a particular emphasis along the freeway and railway corridors, due to high commuter demand. PSPs will be constructed along other routes as part of large infrastructure projects such as the Tonkin Highway Gap Project.

From 2023 to 2031 the focus will move to the areas beyond the 15 km radius of the Perth central area to provide greater connectivity for Strategic Activity Centres.

The following map shows the proposed expansion of cycling and pedestrian paths to be constructed around the metropolitan area

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Please note that this is the State Government’s Principal Shared Path (PSP) network along freeways, highways, and railway lines. PSPs are designed to the highest quality to cater for the widest range of path users in accordance with the WA Transport Portfolio’s PSP Policy.

There are additional (non-principal) shared paths and other cycling infrastructure usually local governments. 

More information on plans for local government cycling infrastructure can be viewed in your local government’s bike plan. You may also find some details on planned infrastructure that will be delivered as part of the WABN Grants Program – see the announcements for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 programs

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