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The first of the Pickering Brook series was held on Sunday 26 May 13, run by Midland Cycle Club. 179 riders across A through to F grade turned out to compete in both the Individual Time Trial and the Road Race in excellent weather conditions. All grades saw close racing with sprints being contested across the board for the major placings. With points also being awarded for the series down to 10th, riders did not hold back in the bid for points. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm for points for C and D grades led to some lines not being followed resulting in the sound of carbon, lycra and skin scraping on the road. So remember, regardless of grade, ride safe and hold your line.

MCC are looking forward to PB#2 and the reintroduction of electronic timing for the event, so please register and continue to support cycling in WA.

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Congratulations to the following riders who claimed first, second and third in their respective categories:-

A Grade Men
1st. Craig Cooke, 2nd. Jon Gregg, 3rd. Jai Hindley

A Grade Women
1st. Jessica Houston, 2nd. Elissa Wundersitz, 3rd. Rebecca Wheadon

B Grade Men
1st. Matthew Jackson, 2nd. Steward Andrews, 3rd. Darcy Pirotta

B Grade Women
1st. Cassia Higgs, 2.Dianne McAuliffe, 3rd. Simone McCallum

C Grade Men
1st. Mark Welford, 2nd. Graham Betts, 3rd Stephen McNelly

D Grade
1st. Daniel Bevan, 2nd. Niel Foster, 3rd. Dean Barton

E Grade
1st. Connor Beardsmore, 2nd. William Skipper, 3rd. James Wolfe

F Grade
1st. Saxon Adams, 2nd. Emma Lendrum, 3rd. Nicolas Apostolou Garcia