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Today the State Government has announced the recipients of the Perth Bicycle Network and Regional Bicycle Network Grants. This annual funding program enables local cycling networks to grow ensuring cyclists can ride in safe, separated and connected environments, making riding are far more appealing choice for all West Australians.

The Perth and Regional Bicycle Network Grants are critical to Western Australia transforming and becoming a cycle-friendly state and continue to be the leader across the country for cycling infrastructure. Western Australia possesses a great network of Principal Shared Paths, which act as freeways for people on bikes.

The PBN and RBN Grants ensure that there are local connections to these cycling highways and riders can easily access them in a safe, convenient and connected way. The grants support the finer network implementation which Local Governments are responsible for. These Grants encourage Local Governments to plan, implement and jointly fund infrastructure for their local communities.

“As the leading State for bicycle participation across Australia it is appropriate that Western Australia is also leading all other States in terms of per capita spend on cycling infrastructure with $12.46 per annum per capita going towards cycling projects” said WestCycle CEO Matt Fulton.

“There is still plenty to be done if we are to compete internationally on bicycle acceptance including a safe, connected and convenient network, however, WestCycle applauds the ongoing commitment from the State Government that we are seeing at present.”

“Research conducted by the RAC indicates the return on investment of cycling infrastructure is 3.4 – 5.4 times the cost making the decision to spend money on it a straight forward one.”

“The more people on bikes the better it is for every Western Australia. The State benefits from improved health outcomes, reduced congestion and strong environmental benefits.”

Significant projects in the metropolitan area for this round of funding include:

  • $380,000 to the City of Cockburn for a 2.56km shared path along the oil pipeline in Spearwood;
  • $401,000 for the City of Gosnells to design and build a 1.3km shared path connecting Beckenham and Kenwick train stations; and
  • $290,000 for the City of Nedlands to build a 2km shared path connecting to Fremantle to Perth shared path, major sporting centres and schools.

Regional projects include:

  • $315,000 to the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley to complete a cycling loop around the Kununurra town centre;
  • $210,000 to the Shire of Collie to design and build the 3.3km shared path as part of stage four of the Collie River Trail; and
  • $115,000 towards the City of Greater Geraldton’s North West Coastal Highway Cycle Route.

The full list of funded projects is available at http://www.transport.wa.gov.au