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Today the State Government released the Perth and Peel 3.5 Million and Beyond Transport Plan, with a large emphasis on future cycling infrastructure.WestCycle Chief Executive Officer, Matt Fulton welcomed the launch: “The release of the Perth and Peel 3.5 Million and Beyond Transport Plan shows how far cycling has come in Western Australia.  This is an incredibly exciting time for people who already ride and this plan will encourage even more people to get on their bikes”.

The plan is a huge win for cycling infrastructure in Western Australia. Perth and Peel at 3.5 Million identifies a series of interconnected local routes, strategic routes, Principal Shared Paths (PSPs) and Recreational Shared Paths (RSPs) with the aim of providing high quality, safe and connected links between Perth’s various universities, schools, train stations, activity centres and tourist destinations.

The three key highlights from the plan are:

1. Connecting and Completion of the PSP Network
Increasing of route density and creating a finer grained network will help make riding a bike more convenient, with better connected routes. Expansion of the local network in particular will help to fill in the gaps, making it safer and easier to ride from door-to-door and address first and last mile barriers.

2. Transforming Perth’s CBD to a bike friendly environment
In a big step forward, it has been recognised that the Perth CBD requires protected bike lanes. Acceptance that on-street parking and a reduction in traffic lanes may need to be replaced to accommodate this brings Perth’s inner city design in line with that of global cities the likes of London, New York and Paris.

3. New river crossings
Elements of the plan such as the proposed new river crossings have the potential to significantly impact behaviour and movement patterns. These crossings would radically improve connectivity and substantially shorten journey times, for example the Three Points Bridge will connect Elizabeth Quay to Fremantle with a journey time by bike of under 40 minutes.

The Three Points Bridge is projected to span 8 meters in width, allowing for cycling and pedestrian movements to be fully separated. Viewing bulges will be provided over the Swan River to allow for users to stop and enjoy the view. This is an incredibly exciting time for bike riders in Perth, the proposed plans for new river crossings like the Three Points Bridge will connect Perth like never before, with connections from Chidley Point – Point Walter – Point Resolution.

Read the full cycling plan HERE