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WestCycle, Western Australia’s peak cycling body, are pleased to announce they have entered into an exclusive support arrangement with Pedal Mafia, a well known local West Australian supplier of cycling apparel and accessories.

Pedal Mafia will supply all riding kit for WestCycle State Teams including juniors, elite and masters categories for riders competing in national level events across the disciplines of road, track and mountain biking. They will also supply a range of kit that WestCycle will be making available to the public in the near future.

The partnership will see a WA-flavour added to all kit with Pedal Mafia quickly growing as WA’s premier kit brand.

“Having a kit supplier that is leading the way in technology development, quality, design and turnaround times, who is based in Western Australia, employing Western Australian’s and giving back to cycling in the state presents a brilliant partnership opportunity and one I’m very proud to see come to fruition”, said Matt Fulton – WestCycle CEO.

“Pedal Mafia started in my garage in 2014. Pedal Mafia is about getting more people out riding bikes, banding the cycling community together and demonstrating that cycling is an activity suited to everyone, no matter age or experience. Our partnership with WestCycle is a natural and organic progression of our relationship as we look to do our bit in growing the WA Cycling community”, said Jay Barron – Pedal Mafia Founder.

WestCycle will be launching its new kit designs in early 2018.