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23 November 2020

WestCycle represents the WA bike riding community through workshops and meetings with key stakeholders in Local and State Government as well as the transport industry.

In the last few months, we have attending meetings, providing feedback and liaising with media, both written and in-person on a variety of infrastructure projects and topics that have included: 

  • Road Safety Commission’s Bike Safety Campaigns
  • Tonkin Gap PSP Development and PSP Detour Plan
  • Causeway Bridge
  • Bayswater Station PSP Design and PSP Detour Plan
  • Alkimos Station Development Application
  • Burswood Park Masterplan
  • Western Australian Bicycle Network Grant Assessment Panel
  • Ruislip Safe Active Street
  • Hope Road, Bibra Lake Shared Path 
  • Draft Operational Policy 2.4 Planning for School Sites
  • Main Roads WA Pavement Markings Policy
  • The National’s Compulsory Hi-Vis Policy
  • Town of Cambridge – The Boulevard Median Islands Concept Design

WestCycle also regularly meets with various Western Australian Government agencies and attend meetings for the following groups:

  • Bike Riding Reference Group
  • Main Roads WA-WestCycle Liaison Meeting 
  • Your Move Stirling

In addition to this, WestCycle contributes and collaborates with other organisations around Australia including:

  • We Ride Australia’s Joint Submission to the Australian Ministerial Roundtable on Vulnerable Road Users 
  • National Meeting of Australian Bike Organisations
  • Cycling and Walking Australia and New Zealand’s Strategy Workshop

This is not an exhaustive list and many of the meetings and conversations we have with government agencies require us to keep the details of these meetings confidential, however, when details of infrastructure projects have been made public or there is an opportunity for the wider public to provide feedback, we share these details through our website.

You can view these updates on the site at https://westcycle.org.au/major-works-updates/ 


Help us create a bike-friendly WA

Our work is made possible by our members who support us to make bike riding better in Western Australia. 

While your WestCycle membership helps us represent West Australian bike riders, there are other ways that you, as part of the bike riding community, can contribute to a bike-friendly WA. That is by completing surveys, engaging with your local government, helping your workplace or school become more bike-friendly, volunteering at a local cycling club or simply helping and encouraging a friend to learn the ropes about riding a bike in WA.

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