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26 August 2020

WestCycle welcomes today’s announcement from the McGowan Government to invest a further $60 million into cycling infrastructure that will see accessibility to the Perth CBD dramatically improve for bike riders and pedestrians. The flagship project will see the construction of a new dedicated 6 metre wide, walking and cycling bridge over the Swan River taking riders off the existing Causeway Bridge. The bridge will be comprised of two crossings – measuring 250 metres on the Victoria Park side and 140 metres on the Perth side – connected by a 270 metre path through Heirisson Island. 

The existing path over the Causeway is one of the well-known bottlenecks for riders commuting to and from the CBD, despite this, it is still one of the busiest entry points into the CBD for riders and pedestrians. Dedicated cycling infrastructure at the Causeway has been spoken about as far back as 1930s, so today’s announcement will not only improve accessibility for riders but it will also improve safety and amenity for both riders and pedestrians crossing the Swan River. 

Further to the announcement of the new bridge a further $10 million has been committed to the following projects:

  • $3 million to deliver the Soldiers Road Shared Path, connecting Mundijong to the rapidly developing Byford Town Centre
  • $2 million to design and construct a north-south bicycle route along Bennett Street in East Perth, connecting Riverside Drive to Royal Street
  • $2 million to deliver an east-west bicycle route along Moore, Wittenoom and Nile Streets in Perth and East Perth, helping to connect Barrack Street Bridge to Matagarup Bridge
  • $1.5 million to deliver path and lighting upgrades along the existing shared path that connects Waterbank Perth to the Matagarup Bridge; and
  • $1.5 million to improve safety and connectivity around RAC Arena.