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National Road Safety Week

2022 WestCycle National Road Safety Week


On Saturday 21st May 2022, thanks to the support of The Road Safety Commission and RAC, WestCycle hosted the event Together We Ride | Family Fun Day at Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth.

The event was part of National Road Safety Week – Sharing The Road and promoted cyclist safety on WA road through promotion of the minimum passing distance laws. Cyclists are one of the most vulnerable road users and we used the event to promote the minimum passing laws whereby motor-vehicles must give cyclists 1m (On roads with a speed limit is 60km/h or under) or 1.5m (on roads with a speed limit higher than 60km/h) when passing a cyclist.

WestCycle owns a life-size minimum passing distance mat which illustrates a cyclist on the road and the 1m/1.5m passing distance next to a car and was a great talking point to those in attendance.

The WestCycle team had great day talking to the community, with a mix of cyclists and motor-vehicle drivers, about the importance of cyclist safety on the Western Australian roads. It was fantastic to have both The Road Safety Commission and RAC in attendance too!

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility and we encourage a mutual respect among all road users.

Thank you to The Road Safety Commission and RAC for creating a National Road Safety Week community grant that supports the development and implementation of community activities occurring during National Road Safety Week.Our shared goal is reducing serious road trauma in WA Communities by focusing on positive behaviours and cultural change.


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