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Morley Station Consultation

Closes 30 April 2020

Metronet is seeking input into the development of a Morley Station Precinct Concept Master Plan as part of the Morley-Ellenbrook Line. This is a great opportunity to ensure that cycling access is considered as part of the new station precinct to enable more people to ride to the station.

Fixed elements for the station include the platform location in the Tonkin Highway median, multi-deck car park location over the skatepark at Wotton Reserve and a new access road off Wotton Road. While these key elements are fixed, we’d like your input into what the future should look like around Morley Station. 

Complete the quick survey to build on our understanding of the things in your community that are most important to you, or nominate to be part of a community reference group that will workshop ideas and concepts as part of the master plan development

To complete the survey visit https://www.mysaytransport.wa.gov.au/morley-station-precinct


For more information:

Project website https://www.metronet.wa.gov.au/projects/morley-ellenbrook-line#overview

Fact Sheet https://www.metronet.wa.gov.au/Portals/31/Project%20Documents/Morley-Ellenbrook%20Line/Morley%20Station%20Master%20Plan%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf

Email: info@metronet.wa.gov.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MainRoadsWesternAustralia/
Phone: 9326 3666

Disclaimer – Please use this information as a guide and check the project website for up-to-date information