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Updated 5 June 2020

Mitchell Freeway Principal Shared Path Diversion (Telford Crescent and Hutton Street, Stirling)

25 February 2019 to June 2020

The Principal Shared Path, between Telford Crescent and Hutton Street, Stirling will be closed 25 February 2019 to allow the construction of two underpasses at Hutton Street, the installation of noise walls and the widening of the freeway as part of the Mitchell Freeway Southbound Widening Project.

To facilitate these works, a series of PSP detours are required. Using adjacent roads, the first detour will allow for the construction of a PSP at the Hutton Street freeway exit ramp. Directional signage will guide cyclists through the detour route. The effectiveness and condition of detour signage will be regularly monitored.



The Mitchell Freeway Southbound Widening Project will include the construction of a new 2.1km section PSP from Glendalough Station to Hutton Street, with two underpasses at Hutton Street and a bridge over Scarborough Beach Road. More about the new Mitchell Freeway PSP can be found at https://westcycle.org.au/mitchell-fwy-psp-construction/




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Note: if you are reporting issues on the diversion, such as fallen signage or other hazards, please email TO enquiries@mainroads.wa.gov.au   and CC info@westcycle.org.au

Disclaimer – Please use this information as a guide and check the project website for up-to-date information