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Updated 27 July 2020

Mitchell Freeway Principal Shared Path Construction (Goody Close to Hutton Street)

Opened 27 July 2020

The Mitchell Freeway Principal Shared Path between Glendalough Station and Hutton St opened on 27 July 2020.

The new 2.1km section will complete an essential missing link in the Mitchell Freeway Principal Shared Path network and make the route quicker, safer and more direct for people in the northern suburbs. Grade-separated crossings at Scarborough Beach Road via a bridge, at Hutton Street and the freeway on and off-ramps via underpasses, will also eliminate the need to cross busy roads and making a continuous and convenient journey for people of all ages and abilities.

The project also features WA’s first cycle-only and pedestrian-only separated path on the Principal Shared Path network to cater for high pedestrian movements to and from the train station.

In addition to the new section, we were also successful in getting the existing shared path on both ends of this project upgraded, resurfaced with new lighting installed, making for a more enjoyable ride for approximately 5km https://westcycle.org.au/additional-works-announced-on-the-mitchell-freeway-psp-2019/ 

This project is a gamechanger for the northern suburbs and we look forward to the next stages that will see the Principal Shared Path extend further north Erindale Road in the coming years.

At the Official Opening

Concept and Planning Images

Scarborough Beach Road Overpass

Scarborough Beach Road Freeway on-ramp (buses only)

Hutton Street Freeway on-ramp

Hutton Street Freeway off-ramp

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