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Meet Sarah Nisbet, WestCycle’s Project Officer

How/Why did you get into/involved in bike riding?

My dad was a pro cyclist in his 20’s and he’s kept cycling since so the sport has always been on the table since I can remember. But I only really got into cycling after I moved to Australia. I can confidently say that it’s down to the nice, warm sunny weather but also having so many safe and accessible bike paths on our doorstep. I went from a complete rookie with no confidence. I think my nerves were a mix of not knowing where I was going or really what I’d do if something went wrong (flat tyre etc). But after a couple rides, I was hooked.

What is your favourite bike riding experience/highlight?

My family and I go on holiday to Lanzarote (one of the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa). Dad and I go cycling around the island and the highlight would be cycling through Timanfaya National Park. It is pretty surreal.

One tip you have for new/novice riders?

Don’t be nervous. There are so many safe bike paths to try for your first ride. If you are nervous before heading out, do a bit planning beforehand so you know where you are going to go, go easy and just enjoy it!

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would you ride?

I love to travel so I think it would be cool to do a bike packing trip somewhere and that could be anywhere really!

Fun or interesting fact about you

I’ve done my fair share of moving around over the last 6/7 years. I think I’ve lived at around 12 different addresses between England, Scotland and Australia