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Meet WestCycle’s Project Manager, Rory Murray.

How/Why did you get into/involved in bike riding?

I’ve been on a bike since I could walk, so I guess I’d have to say my parents. I do remember spending so much of my primary school years on a bike – riding to school, hanging out with the neighbourhood kids on our bikes, building tracks, making jumps, riding to my friends houses… it was just a huge part of my childhood.

When I was around 12 though I remember my mum starting to go out before breakfast for a ride… so inevitably with my FOMO I asked to come along, and I guess it started from there. I loved how far we could ride under our own power, and that there were really no limits. We joined a cycling club and had big adventures every weekend, I loved it. I still have my journals from high school – our English teacher made us write in them every lesson and mine are filled with cycling adventures, both real and imagined!

What is your favourite bike riding experience/highlight?

There have been so, so many… so that is tough. Many standouts over the years involved travel, for example, as a 21 year old I spent 6 weeks or so touring around France on my bike. Day one started in Paris as France won their first Football World Cup. The atmosphere afterwards on the Champs Elysée with over a million French celebrating was phenomenal! Later on that trip I met Phil Anderson (the first Australian to wear the yellow jersey), saw Marco Pantani win on Les Deux Alpes, and rode L’Alpe D’Huez… so for a young cyclist on his first trip overseas it was the stuff of dreams.

One tip you have for new/novice riders?

As you start to ride further, eat and drink, then eat and drink some more. Don’t let yourself get hungry or thirsty and you’ll be able to ride further, and feel a whole lot better!

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would you ride?

I think it is hard to go past northern Italy. So many amazing roads, mountains, lakes, villages, people and of course, food!

Fun or interesting fact about you

My family is from Glenrowan, Victoria… Ned Kelly country. I used to work with a lady who didn’t know this, saw a bronze statue of Ned Kelly (with his helmet off) and was convinced he looked like me… she nearly fell off her chair when I told her where my faily was from. (I’m not related… I think ;>)

Not related to this story… but the area around Glenrowan, and particularly the Victorian High Country (eg Bright), is a stunning riding area if you’re looking for an Australian riding holiday!