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Meet WestCycle’s newly appointed Active Transport Manager, Georgia Scott.

How/Why did you get into/involved in bike riding? 

As an adult, I started riding a bike as a low-environmental-impact and free way of getting to uni in my early 20s. My friends all used bikes to get around, and cycling became a very normal way for me to get to the train station as part of my commute, go shopping and go out on the weekend (most trips 3km or less!). I’m passionate about making cities and towns great places to ride a bike for transport, and believe everyone deserves access to the health, social, economic, and ecological benefits that come from riding bikes.

What is your favourite bike riding experience/highlight?

Riding my friend’s super fun single speed through back lanes in Melbourne, on our way to find falafel for dinner.

One tip you have for new/novice riders?

You don’t need a fancy bike or clothes to use your bike for transport in your local area – the one in your shed and what you’re wearing right now is fine.

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would you ride?

On a mode separated, well maintained bike path from my house to the beach.

Fun or interesting fact about you

I live with a large, friendly, wildly intelligent German Shorthaired Pointer called Jupiter.