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Meet WestCycle’s Event Manager, Alex Blanksby.

How did you get involved in working with in the Sports Event Management Industry?

Growing up I had a passion for all things sport and played just about every sport I could. I took this passion in to my studies at University by undertaking a Business Management degree majoring in Sport Management and Event Management. I was always excited by live events and this degree allowed me to experience a number of different types of events. Once I got a taste of delivering a sporting event, I was addicted! The opportunity to deliver an experience to hundreds or thousands of stakeholders creates an adrenaline that all event managers crave. I love the pressure that planning and delivering events creates and enjoy coming to work each and every day as I get to work in an industry that I am very passionate about!

What are you most excited to accomplish whilst working at WestCycle?

Bringing my expertise in to the role I am hoping to have a positive impact on the event landscape within the Western Australia riding scene. I’m going to aim to put my own spin on certain aspects of events to enhance the participant’s experience. I’m extremely excited to begin working on events such as the Kalamunda 100 and the 2022 Dams Challenge, as well as working with our participants to understand how their overall event experience can be enhanced for future WestCycle events!

What is your favourite bike riding experience/highlight?

Admittedly I am not a huge rider, although I do enjoy the odd coastal ride. My riding highlight dates back to my early years as a young child growing up in Sheffield in the UK. My earliest memories of my time in the UK involved being seated at the back of my dads’ bike as he rode the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Although I don’t remember everything I do associate riding with these memories and hope to replicate this with my future Children. Moving forward I am definitely motivated to ride more and I’m sure in this environment that will be made a lot easier for me!

If you could ride anywhere in the world, where would you ride?

I would have to link this with my ambitions to travel around Europe, mainly Greece and Croatia.

Fun or interesting fact about you

As mentioned, I’ve played a wide variety of sports in my time. This includes Table Tennis as a pre-teen where I was selected in the Western Australian State Development Squad!


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