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14 October 2020

For Immediate Release


As the world adapts to measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19, we are somewhat fortunate in WA that we have been able to return to some level of normality. However, one of the few positives this year has been the dramatic increase in bike riding as people sought new ways to exercise and get around and minimise their exposure to crowded places such as gyms and public transport.

Surveys undertaken by the Department of Transport show that people are now riding more frequently than before COVID-19 restrictions were put in place, with an additional 77,000 West Australian’s riding a bike every week. 

This increase has also been observed on the local bike counter network, with over 700,000 more bike trips recorded compared to the same period between April and June in 2019. This represents a net growth of 45%, with some shared paths in picturesque areas along beaches and rivers recording increases of up to 300%.

South Perth Foreshore
April – June (2019 v 2020) Weekday Growth Rate Weekend Growth Rate
Morning Peak 41% 79%
Morning Off-Peak 116% 122%
Afternoon Off-Peak 201% 266%
Afternoon Peak 88% 289%
Total – All Hours 82% 152%


Curtin Avenue, Leighton Beach
April – June (2019 v 2020) Weekday Growth Rate Weekend Growth Rate
Morning Peak 94% 104%
Morning Off-Peak 115% 108%
Afternoon Off-Peak 111% 142%
Afternoon Peak 120% 160%
Total – All Hours 110% 130%


West Coast Drive, Sorrento
April – June (2019 v 2020) Weekday Growth Rate Weekend Growth Rate
Morning Peak 64% 61%
Morning Off-Peak 55% 62%
Afternoon Off-Peak 86% 101%
Afternoon Peak 117% 134%
Total – All Hours 77% 87%

While fitness, recreation or to get outdoors was the main purpose for people to jump on bike during the height of the COVID restrictions, these data suggest that up to 5% more people were also using a bike for commuting and other transport purposes even before people starting returning to their offices after many people chose to work from home.

WestCycle CEO Matt Fulton said “As more people are riding a bike for recreation, they are building their confidence, their fitness and their awareness of all of the new infrastructure that has been constructed in recent years and are realising that riding a bike is also a convenient and healthy mode of transport”

“Our great opportunity is to not only use this period to attract more people into recreational riding but also encourage those people that have built up their experience to use a bike to ride to work, to school and to the shops”.

The State Government’s record investment in bike riding infrastructure is making riding a bike even more safe and convenient than ever before. This has been supported by dozens of local governments, community organisations, cycling clubs, schools and workplaces who are hosting bike riding events that cater for people of all ages, abilities and interests as part of this year’s WA Bike Month. There has never been a greater opportunity for West Australians to embrace bike riding for transport, for fun and for a healthier lifestyle.


Download this release in PDF format HERE.

For more information contact:
Megan Gammie
Marketing & Membership Coordinator
Phone: 08 6336 9688
Email: megan.gammie@westcycle.org.au 


Additional Information
October is WA Bike Month with organisations hosting over 50 bike-riding events around the state that encourage people of all ages and abilities to ride bikes for transport, fun and/or for a healthier lifestyle. This coincides with National Ride2Work day on 21 October 2020.


About WestCycle
WestCycle is Western Australia’s Peak Body for Cycling, and a representative voice for all bike riders. Our dedicated team strives to develop, promote, and enact positive changes state-wide. Together, we can improve bike riding for all Western Australians.

For more information please visit: www.westcycle.org.au

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