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We want to make Western Australia a bike-friendly state. A place where riding a bike is an everyday part of the culture and where riding a bike is an easy, attractive and viable transport option for everyone.

Perceptions of safety is the number one barrier to more people cycling more often. 43% of people fear sharing the roads, according to the RAC Cycling Survey 2015.

“We know more people would like to ride to work, school, shops or train stations but many have concerns about their safety”, Matt Fulton, CEO of WestCycle said.

“There are more people riding a bike in Western Australia than ever, with 23 percent of people riding on a weekly basis and bikes now outselling cars. However, only 2 per cent of trips in the state are made on a bike and this needs to increase to make Western Australia more livable, healthier and vibrant.

“Our key challenge is creating an environment where people aren’t afraid to ride. We need to transform our streets, roads and communities into places where traveling by bike is safe and normal

“We’ve come a long way in the last five years and there is real positive momentum behind developing cycling infrastructure. However, there is still a lot to do to make Western Australia a truly bike-friendly state”, Mr Fulton said.

“It is vital that we clearly understand the concerns of bike riders and other road users so that together we can develop strategies that will make our roads better for all to share”, said Jeremey Murray, CEO of Bicycling Western Australia, one of WestCycle’s member organisations.

Released today, the Bike Safety Survey is the result of over 12 months engagement work between WestCycle and our member organisations. Together we have identified 10 measures needed to make it safer to ride a bike in Western Australia and we are now inviting the general public to help prioritise what the most important measures are.

“This survey is for everyone – the people who already ride bikes, people who drive cars and people who would like to ride more. We’d like everyone to input into finding solutions to make Western Australia a bike-friendly state”, said Mr Fulton.

The survey will assist WestCycle and our member organisations to develop a Bike Safety Manifesto to make riding a bike a safer option.

This Bike Safety Manifesto will:

• Enable WestCycle and our members to focus on key priorities to make bike riding safer, normal and more accepted

• Enable us to speak clearly to government and other decision-makers about key priorities and actions • Maximise our resources The Bike Safety Survey opens on 29th October 2015 and is available via the WestCycle website (www.westcycle.org.au), the WestCycle Facebook Page. The survey will close on 23rd November 2015 Direct link to survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/bikesafetysurvey2015