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The State government has released a new campaign designed to improve cyclist safety and encourage all road users to share the road safely.

WestCycle CEO, Clint Shaw said the campaign was long overdue.
“The cycling community has been crying out for a campaign like this for a while now,” he said. “What we’ve seen over the past few years is a big increase in the number of people cycling but also a deterioration in the relationship between motorists and cyclists.”

In 2013 there was a 16.4% increase in bicycle movements along paths near the Perth CBD. Already in 2014 there has been 6 cyclist fatalities, equal to the amount of fatalities in 2013 and double the number from 2012.

Mr Shaw said the campaign is a reminder to look out for cyclists and for everyone to be a little
more patient, tolerant and respectful on the road.

“We all see some pretty crazy stuff from time to time, whether that’s a motorist cutting off a cyclist and passing too close or a bike rider running a red light.”

“Yet what tends to happen is that when a cyclist does something stupid, all cyclists get tarred with the same brush yet when a motorist does something stupid, anger is only directed at that one motorist,” Mr Shaw said. “It’s really important not to generalize all cyclists based on the behavior of only a few.”

Mr Shaw also had the following safety tips for motorists and cyclists:

For motorists:

  •  Give cyclists a distance of atleast 1 meter when overtaking
  •  Don’t drive while using a mobile phone
  •  Be patient and if it’s not safe to pass, wait a few seconds until it is
  •  Check for bike riders before opening your car door
  •  Don’t honk your horn when coming up behind a cyclist

For cyclists:

  • Plan a safe route
  • Be visible and light up at night
  •  Stop at red lights
  •  Don’t ride on the road with headphones
  •  Signal your turns