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Latest movements at the Bayswater Station redevelopment

Artist impression of the redeveloped Bayswater Station. It's very spacious and white.

According to METRONET, the Noongar place name for Bayswater is Biraliny (Birr-al-in) meaning ‘the track where the Merenj (food plants) is located’.

WestCycle has been contacted by the alliance responsible for the Bayswater Station redevelopment with the following update on activities impacting people using bikes in the area:

  1. Leake Street pedestrian underpass closure

The Leake Street underpass will be closed to pedestrians and cyclists from Monday 16 to Sunday 29 January 2023.

Alternative access will be across the rail line will be via the King William Street subway.

Please note the underpass will be temporarily re-opened Thursday 19 January (7pm to 5am) while the King William Street intersection is closed to install precast platform planks.

  1. King William Street intersection nightly closures

There will be three overnight (7pm to 5am) closures of the King William Street-Whatley Crescent intersection from Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 January.

On Friday 20 and Saturday 21 January traffic controllers will be on site to safely guide cyclists through the King William Street shared path detour.

On Thursday 19 January traffic controllers will be in place to direct cyclists to use the Leake Street underpass instead of the King William Street shared path detour from 7pm to 5am as this intersection will be closed due for safety reasons (large cranes will be lifting precast planks onto the new Bayswater Station bridges). The shared path detour will re-open at 5am.

If you have any queries about the above or notice any safety issues while you’re riding, please email us at info@westcycle.org.au and we will pass on your concerns.

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