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KWINANA FWY PSP DIVERSION – PHASE 6 – Aubin Grove to North Lake

26 October 2019

Kwinana Freeway Principal Shared Path Diversion (Phase 6 – Aubin Grove Station to Hope Road, North Lake)

26 October 2019 to Late December 2019.
  • Phase 7 commences on 20 December 2019. Click here

Phase 6 of the Kwinana Principal Shared Path detours between Aubin Grove Station to Hope Road, North Lake, will see the first 3.2km section of PSP between Russel and Armadale Roads reopen.

As part of this project, The PSP will be widened to 4m and will be built slightly west of where it currently sits, to the edge of the road reserve and the neighbouring properties. The PSP access points are also changing, with some upgraded and others closed permanently. Additional information can be found on the project webpage. https://project.mainroads.wa.gov.au/home/Documents/Access%20Points%20V2%20FINAL%20.pdf

The remaining detours are outlined below with further reopenings due in late-December 2019.

For More Information

Email: enquiries@mainroads.wa.gov.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MainRoadsWesternAustralia/
Phone: 138 138

Note: if you are reporting issues on the diversion, such as fallen signage or other hazards, please email TO enquiries@mainroads.wa.gov.au  and CC info@westcycle.org.au  

Disclaimer – Please use this information as a guide and check the project website for up-to-date information