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KWINANA FWY PSP DIVERSION – PHASE 4 – Aubin Grove to North Lake

Updated 18 January 2019

Kwinana Freeway Principal Shared Path Diversion (Phase 4 – Aubin Grove Station to Farrington Road, North Lake)

21 January 2019 to June-2019
  • Phase 5 of these detours commenced June 2019 click here

Phase 4 of the Kwinana Principal Shared Path detours between Aubin Grove Station to Farrington Road, North Lake, will incorporate and replace the Phase 2 and 3 detours on 21 January 2019.

BMD Constructions and the Metropolitan Road Improvement Alliance (MRIA), on behalf of Main Roads WA, are widening the Kwinana Freeway between Russell Road and Farrington Road, North Lake, providing an extra northbound lane over 8km, noise walls and widening and upgrades to Principal Shared Paths (PSP) along the western side of this section of Freeway.

The fourth phase of these detours extends the southern detour from Sweetwater Bend in Success to Elderberry Road in South Lake where it will connect to the northern detour.

The southern detour will be shortened, with the new PSP opening between Sweetwater Bend and Reeves Entrance in April 2019. In mid-2019 the new PSP between Bolderwood Reserve and Farrington Road will be opened. By December 2019, the remaining route between Bolderwood Reserve and Russell Road will also be opened.

As part of this project, The PSP will be widened to 4m and will be built slightly west of where it currently sits, to the edge of the road reserve and the neighbouring properties. A new underpass has already been completed between Dowell Place and Farrington Road, the goes under the Murdoch Drive Connection. Slightly north of Cockburn Train Station, the PSP will divert via Kentucky Court and North Lake Road. This will allow for the future construction of the Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge project. Along the route, some non-compliant access ways will be closed and others upgraded.

Northern Part of the detour between Zillner Close and the new Hope Road Underpass.

Southern Part of the detour between Sweetwater Bend, Success and Elderberry Road, South Lake.


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