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Updated 10 December 2018

Kwinana Freeway Principal Shared Path Diversion (Phase 2 – Zillner Close to Farrington Road, North Lake)

12 November to April 2019.

A detour of the Kwinana Freeway PSP between Zillner Closer and Farrington Road, North Lake will commence 12 November 2018 to ensure the safety of shared path users, road users and construction workers whilst works on the Kwinana Freeway are taking place.

BMD Constructions and the Metropolitan Road Improvement Alliance (MRIA), on behalf of Main Roads WA, are widening the Kwinana Freeway between Russell Road and Farrington Road, North Lake, providing an extra northbound lane over 8km, noise walls and widening and upgrades to Principal Shared Paths (PSPs) along the western side of this section of Freeway.

The first phase, which commenced on 24 September, involved detouring PSP users on the western side of the Freeway from Dowell Place, onto local roads through Bibra Lake to Farrington Road in North Lake will be in place until phase 2 commences. https://westcycle.org.au/kwinana-fwy-psp-diversion-phase-1

The second phase, commencing 12 November 2018 will add a further 9 minutes to the phase 1 detour. Cyclists and pedestrians will exit the PSP at Zillner Close in South Lake, and re-join the PSP at Farrington Road. There is an optional daytime detour section via the Bibra Lake Reserve path. The path is suitable for riders during the day as an alternative to Bibra Drive, but is not well lit at night.

This phase is scheduled to be shortened in mid-December 2018 when cyclists will be able to rejoin the upgraded PSP via Hope Road and a new PSP underpass currently under construction in North Lake.

Shorted detour from mid-December 2018

An additional detour will extend from Sweetwater Bend to Reeves Entrance commencing 10 December 2018. This additional detour will extend the existing journey time by approximately 4 minutes. For more information on the phase two detour, please visit https://westcycle.org.au/kwinana-fwy-psp-diversion-phase-3/ 

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Note: if you are reporting issues on the diversion, such as fallen signage or other hazards, please email TO enquiries@mainroads.wa.gov.au  and CC info@westcycle.org.au


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