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KMBC is working with DBCA, WestCycle and Common Ground Trails on the concept plan for the Kalamunda trail network. The concept plan will address the following issues

  1. Signage and wayfinding for vehicles and riders
  2. More green/beginner friendly loops
  3. Fire road connections and trail merge points are confusing
  4. Network is not intuitive or consistently connected
  5. Opportunity for improvement to existing trails
  6. Opportunity for additional trails to offer more variety
  7. Gunjin Shuttle infrastructure needs upgrading
  8. Supporting infrastructure is severely lacking
  9. Car Parking issues 


A trail audit is being completed by Three Chilies Design to develop a trail maintenance plan for the existing trail network. The plan will provide KMBC with greater funding opportunities to continue running the successful trail maintenance days with volunteers working alongside professional trail builders.

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