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Government announces increased spending on bike path network around Perth

Rita Saffioti MLA and Premier Mark McGowan this week announced a cycling infrastructure package totalling $129 million over four years! As part of this the State Government have committed to completing a number of key trouble spots in the network in this term of Government. The Fremantle path will finally be extended from Grant Street Cottesloe to North Fremantle (we’ll have to wait until 2020-21 however), many sections of the Mitchell Freeway path will be constructed, including the troubled Hutton Street intersection and connections on the Armadale and Midland Railway lines will be completed. In addition to this $29 million will be given to local Governments to improve their infrastructure and continue the Bike Boulevard program. The current forward budget estimates for the bike path network were previously around $7 million per annum so todays commitment of $55 million is a significant increase that WestCycle welcomes. 

Let’s take a look at the record announcement of State funding into the cycling network in numbers. There have been lots of questions about the significance of the funding so we thought we’d sum it up with a few statistics.

Western Australia now has the highest spend per capita on cycling infrastructure of any State (ex. Territories) within Australia at $12.46 per person per annum. The below graph shows you how we compare across the country.

There has been the normal anti-cycling feedback…”why should my rego and tax pay for cycling infrastructure when I don’t use it”…..well here is something to ponder, in 2016-17 $694.98 per capita was spent on transport infrastructure. So when riding your bike feel free to say a quick ‘your welcome’ to anyone that choses to suggest you aren’t paying your own way.

Whilst we are incredibly pleased by the increased spend on cycling infrastructure we won’t be taking the foot off the pedal. The spend equates to around 1.8% of the 16-17 transport infrastructure budget. Our goal is to have a 5% mode share for bikes by 2020. To achieve this we need funding that mirrors this or in fact betters it – that is the goal and there is till a lot more that needs to be done.One last statistic, once the Mitchell Freeway path is finished it will SAVE the economy approximately $10 million per annum (every km ridden saves the economy $1.43). The return on investment on this spend is incredible!

Womens Commission

The CycleSport WA Board is pleased to announce the appointment of members of the Womens Commission during their August board meeting.

The overall objective of the Commission is to be the representative voice of Women in cycling in the context of road and track and to advise Cyclesport WA on a range of topics to assist in the advancement of women’s cycling throughout Western Australia.

These six women were appointed to the commission:

– Jessisa Jenke
– Sam Bolton
– Shannon Miraglia
– Verity Keogh
– Jenny Sammons
– Luella Forbes

Ian Harrison from the Board of CSWA will also sit on the Commission as the direct link back to the Board.

WA Bicycle Network Grants

The Expression of Interest round of the WA Bicycle Network Grants for projects commencing in 2018-19 is now open.

Last time 19 local governments and three primary schools were successful recipients of the Department of Transport‘s program.

The WABN Plan aims to make WA a place where cycling is safe, connected, and convenient and a widely accepted form of transport.

For more information and to put in an expression of interest, click HERE.

To see who collected grans last time, click HERE.

A Metre Matters in Wanneroo

The City of Wanneroo will put stickers on waste trucks to promote the awareness of cyclists and leaving a metre.

The stickers will encourage a one-metre minimum passing distance between vehicles and cyclists.

Mayor Tracey Roberts said in a Community Newspaper story: “It’s all about highlighting safety and increasing awareness, and what better way to do it than on the back of our huge waste vehicles”.

The City will consult with the Road Safety Commission, Westcycle and Amy Gillett Foundation about the design of the stickers before installing them on 26 domestic and recycling waste trucks at a cost of $4500.

Tracey Roberts said she was approached by members of the community to put stickers on trucks.

Read the full story which featured on the Community Newspaper Group website HERE.

For more about safe passing in Western Australia, click HERE

Heading off with the bikes these holidays?

An auxiliary plate has the same characters as the number plate on the vehicle and is fitted to a bicycle or wheelchair carrier when one is attached to the rear of a vehicle.

Don’t risk a hefty fine if your bike rack obscures your number plate.

If your bike rack obscures your back number plate make sure you get some auxiliary plates for $25.70 through a Department of Transport DoT Direct online account:http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/dotdirect/dotdirect.asp

WA’s elite in action at the NRS

WA’s Michael Freiberg has put his name on the winners list again after taking stage 4 of the Tour of the King Valley.

The West Australian was a Commonwealth Games Gold medallist in 2010 and is also widely known for training resistance tool AIRHub.

Michael has also been racing overseas this year and locally in the Element Road Series.

Kid friendly rides

With the recent media attention about fewer Australian children riding their bikes to school, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best bike paths for children.

Cycling is a great way for children and their families to get exercise and there are plenty of ways you can do it safely.

Some of the places recommended by the Perth Mums Group include Cottesloe Beach, Bibra Lake, Herdsman lake and around the river near the CBD and the bridges.

Check out the full list and the story by the group HERE.