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In cycling, if you try to stand still whilst going up hill you end up going backwards. This is as relevant to the running of the sport as it is to participating in it. The Board of CycleSportWA have been consistently looking at ways to improve the running of the sport on the basis of what is good for cycling in Western Australia, our Clubs and most importantly our Members.

CSWA has operated through a shared service model with WestCycle since it’s creation in 2014. This has resulted in the day to day running of the organisation being done by WestCycle, under the guidance of a standalone Board (CSWA). This is a model that has served CycleSportWA well, giving access to a greater level of services and a wider remit then could have been achieved as a completely stand alone organisation.

On Saturday 9th February the clubs of CycleSportWA held a Special General Meeting to vote on the future direction of the organisation and it was decided that CycleSportWA would wind up as a stand-alone entity to WestCycle.

So what does this actually mean? For our Clubs and Members not a great deal changes. The main change will be visual – CycleSportWA will become known as “WestCycle Road and Track”. Over the next few weeks you will notice things such as the Facebook page name change, newsletters will be from WestCycle Road and Track and the CycleSportWA logo will stop being used. There has been confusion on the difference between the various cycling bodies and this move is the first of what we hope are more to come to simplify our model.

We are currently working through the process of WestCycle becoming the State body affiliated with Cycling Australia and as such it is important to note that your Cycling Australia membership does not change at all.

A range of Advisory Groups, which will inform WestCycle on the key strategic and operational priorities for Clubs and Members are being established. They will operate in a similar way to how the CSWA Board has operated, however will give far greater scope for specific focuses.

  • Road Cycling – Sport

  • Road Cycling – Recreation

  • Track Cycling

  • Safety, Transport and Advocacy

  • Mountain Biking

  • Trail Development


Why? At the core of these changes is the need to provide a better experience and level of service to the bike riding community. We need our limited resources to be focused in the right areas, we need better avenues to hear your feedback and we need to do more for cycling in WA.  The best outcome for cycling in the State is to have one organisation and one license across all aspects of cycling in WA, underpinned by strong governance, strategic direction and leadership. These changes are a significant step in this direction.

On a more personal note, I would like to acknowledge the outgoing Board of CycleSportWA. Few will ever know just how much time and effort this Board of volunteers has put into the sport. They have navigated difficult times and seen the highs and lows but never wavered from their commitment to cycling. If the judgement of ones success is to leave the sport in a better place than they found it I think we can all confidently say this has been achieved in spades. A big thank you to Daniel O’Donoghue (Roues Chaudes Cycling Club); Peter Mah (South Perth Rouleurs); Wayne Deany (Midland Cycle Club); Ian Harrison (Roues Chaudes Cycling Club); Rebecca Wheadon (Roues Chaudes Cycling Club); David Menarry (South Perth Rouleurs). Particular thank you must go to Daniel O’Donoghue who has played the role of Chair. The time Daniel has put into the sport is incredible. From regular conference calls with Cycling Australia, daily phone calls from ‘the office’, timing at events and many other things, all whilst running his own Club. His commitment has been one of incredible passion. On behalf of the entire CycleSportWA membership,  I would like to thank the Board. You all deserve the biggest kudos possible.

Exciting times await and we look forward to continuing to work with the entire cycling community and improving the activity of cycling in all its forms across Western Australia.


Matt Fulton 

WestCycle CEO